Friday, October 31, 2008

An Excerpt from My Ice Breaker Speech

I delivered my first Toastmaster Speech (Ice Breaker) yesterday. It took me several days to compose it. The book said it's the easiest but the truth is that, I really find it hard. I hate to talk about me. Talking about me and my life is irrelevant! I delivered my speech with hesitation.

Let me share to you few lines from my Ice Breaker Speech:

Life happened because I turned the pages.

Mr. Toastmaster, My fellow Toastmasters, most welcomed guests, good afternoon.

Every life is a story and every story is a book. It is what we do everyday that makes a new page.

........................ body ............. about my life.................

In life, we are doomed to make choices. That is whether to live miserably, or to live life happily. And while was turning the pages of my life’s book, I have learned a lot of ways to live life to its fullest. I chose to join the Toastmaster's Club because I want to uncover the confidence hiding in my shell. I want to go beyond my comfort zone.

My life happened because I chose to turn the pages and I will keep on turning the pages and make life happen everyday.

Friends, keep on turning your pages and make life happen.

Thank You.

I was glad the evaluation was good. There were constructive criticisms though. I was told to go on with my 2nd speech which I believe I will be delivering early next year.

Good luck to me!

I want to thank my friend, Elle for letting me borrow the quote, Life happened because I turned the pages. Thanks Elle!

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