Monday, October 13, 2008

7:08, I'm In!

hi. just arrived at my workplace - punch-in time 7:08. hehehe.. good thing that i'm this early because i have to do something for my office partner. i was not able to do the task i usually do for her on her saturday off because i was busy on reports. i have not even released work orders. huhuhhu...

well, enj, i'm early and i will serve this purpose right now before hitting my daily routine. so much for that.

i had a great sunday. i started the day with a jog-walk activity. i made a new route - from home to a friend's home. since my friend's home is just near the airport, i got the chance to rest in a place where joggers and bystanders view an actual plane landing.

have to end this now. ughhhhh! it's so cold!

have a great monday, everyone!

ala lang... tabi-an lang gyud ko hah hah hah!

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