Friday, October 31, 2008

An Excerpt from My Ice Breaker Speech

I delivered my first Toastmaster Speech (Ice Breaker) yesterday. It took me several days to compose it. The book said it's the easiest but the truth is that, I really find it hard. I hate to talk about me. Talking about me and my life is irrelevant! I delivered my speech with hesitation.

Let me share to you few lines from my Ice Breaker Speech:

Life happened because I turned the pages.

Mr. Toastmaster, My fellow Toastmasters, most welcomed guests, good afternoon.

Every life is a story and every story is a book. It is what we do everyday that makes a new page.

........................ body ............. about my life.................

In life, we are doomed to make choices. That is whether to live miserably, or to live life happily. And while was turning the pages of my life’s book, I have learned a lot of ways to live life to its fullest. I chose to join the Toastmaster's Club because I want to uncover the confidence hiding in my shell. I want to go beyond my comfort zone.

My life happened because I chose to turn the pages and I will keep on turning the pages and make life happen everyday.

Friends, keep on turning your pages and make life happen.

Thank You.

I was glad the evaluation was good. There were constructive criticisms though. I was told to go on with my 2nd speech which I believe I will be delivering early next year.

Good luck to me!

I want to thank my friend, Elle for letting me borrow the quote, Life happened because I turned the pages. Thanks Elle!

I am a Fuschia Girl Today

Spell Fuschia! Oh.. pwede red na lang? R-I-D! Bwahahahaha...

Why am I wearing fuschia today? Ahahaha... Simply because it's raining. I am wearing a fuschia-colored hollister jacket given by my sister. This is my favorite jacket. I wear this on Fridays & Saturdays at work. Medyo malamig talaga sa office.

But that's not the only reason. Pinaplano ko na last night to bring this jacket with me. I want to start my day happy! I find this color something that could bring joy to me. Ambot ngano! Ganahan lang ko.

I felt empty for a while last night. I could not figure out what happened. Siguro pressured ng konti. Hindi ko matiyak bakit. Bakit?!?!?! Yesterday was a so-so day. Baka takot lang yun bwahahaha... I delivered my Toastmater's first speech last night. Pero di naman ako kinabahan.

Ewan! Umuwi na lang ako sa bahay tapos bigla na lang nagblank ang isip ko. Prang nawalan ng lakas na may halong inis sa sarili. Di ko maintindihan. Pagkadating ko sa bahay, naisipan ko na lang maglabas ng konting lakas. I took my dart pins from my drawer and started hitting the dart board. Yun, medyo nawala ng konti ang emptiness(dart game lang pala katapat!). Then nagkompyuter na kaagad. Parang boring din ang kompyuter pero pinilit ko maglaro na lang ng poker para tuluyang maligaw ako baka sakaling mawala ang emptiness. Haynaku! Ayun! Nag usap kami ng isang kaibigan. Hanggang sa naging alive ulit ako at ayaw na namang matulog! I slept at almost 1.00AM. Buti na lang nagising ako ng maaga!

Ayun, naalala ko kasi si Stephen Covey at ang kanyang mahiwagang 90/10 principle. And I chose to make my days something different from yesterday! I want to be happy today. So, I started my day wearing a happy color hoping that my day will be a happy day!

Have a happy day, friends!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mahiya Naman Kayo!

When I was on my way to work this early morning, my eyes were moving to and fro as if I was looking for something... or could that be someone? Bwahahahaha...

I started to notice the clean surroundings of the metropolis. Hmmm... It made me smile (ang linis ng Davao!)... lol... When all of a sudden, I saw a young man throwing a candy wrapper on the ground! Toink! Hay naku! Pasalamat siya malayo ako! Mahiya ka naman!

Naisip niya kaya na nakakahiya ang ginawa niya? The place was clean tapos bigla na lang siyang magtapon ng basura? Hay naku... Sa tingin ko wala siyang pakialam.... Sana maging aware na ang lahat why Davao City is experiencing flood kapag umuulan. I think hindi lang poor drainage system ang dahilan. Sa tingin ko, isa na rin sa mga dahilan ang kapabayaan ng mga mamayan(hindi naman lahat). Ayan! Nagkakalat ng basura kahit saan tapos yung mga basura na nakakalat, yun yung na stuck sa mga canals. Para sa mga hindi aware, yan ang dahilan kung bakit nawawala yung functionality ng mga drainage systems natin! Hindi na na serve ng canals & drainage system ang purpose nila! Haysus!

Magising naman tayo! Haynaku!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chained Jade

Am early again (as usual). I am in uniform with my watch at the right wrist together with the chained jade(could still feel the pain in my left wrist).

Have you ever had something that's important to you? I mean something that was given to you and you valued it the most? Well, this is what this chained jade's all about.

What's with this chained jade? Well, it is a jade bounded with a chain. It has a sentimental value to me. A very good friend gave this jade way back in my 5th year at the university, before the semestral break. I bought a chain and I used to wear that chained jade bafore. I have lost it once and did whatever it takes to find it. And I've found it. When that very good friend left, I stopped wearing it. I told myself what's the point? So, I just kept it.

I don't know why I'm wearing it today. Maybe I remembered that friend. Oh, right! I remembered my friend! I remembered her because the song(Pilgrim's Theme) we used to sing was played in my MP3 player this morning. That's it!

I really value things my friends gave me. Because I know, friends will only stay with you for not a very long time. Friends come, friends go. And wherever they are, they've been a part of my life and I will always remember them and value the things they gave me.

To my friend who gave me the jade(you know who you are if you read this blog), thank you for being a part of my past. You will always be remembered. Am wearing the jade.... hehehehehe... I miss you!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Missed Blogging

Today is the 7th day since I've had my last post in this blog. I definitely missed blogging!

Well, life has been rough to me the past days. I was hospitalized for the first time(take note: FIRST TIME)! I didn't know that only a mosquito bite could break my health record (I've never been hospialized for the 26 years of my life). I got a breakbone fever, also known as dengue fever. I could hardly remember where I've met that mosquito. It could be somewhere on my way home or somewhere in the open coffeeshop where I usually spend my freetime or when I meet some friends.

It all started with a headache in a Saturday night after a very long sleep. I took a bath to meet some friends later at night but I could no longer manage to go out because I started to feel I'm having a fever. So, I stayed (sorry guys, didn't made it to see you). The fever was still there the following morning. I stayed home the whole Sunday. I worked on Monday because I thought I'm okay. The fever just disappeared. I finished my day at a friend's house. On Tuesday, I was at work but I kept taking breaks and stayed at the stock room because I feel very cold. Then got fever again the Tuesday night. On Wednesday, I took a leave from work and went to the doctor. No fever at all. I've had my first platelet count because my sister suspected it's the symptom (on & off fever) for dengue fever. My platelet count was 122 which was below normal (normal is 140-440). I went back to work on Thursday morning, went to the clinic for another platelet count and platelet went down to 95. My doctor said it's not yet threatening but my sister and my friends were worried and they were telling me to go to the hospital. I left work early. My sister brought me to the hospital.

Thursday afternoon, at the hospital, I got another platelet count which was 116 (rising from 95) at the ER. Got my first bag of D5NSS dextrose. The needle was big! I was scared, really! Then I was wheeled to my room. I was needled 3 times for the dextrose. They were looking for a perfect IV site. Fortunately, the third one works. I have encountered a lot of needles. Aside from that of IV site search, med techs visited me every 6 hours. They inserted a needle to my vein extracting a small amount of blood for platelet count (I remebered the least was 61).

Much for that. What's important is am doing well now though the wounds are still hurting.

I would like to thank those people who remembered me during those times - to those who went to visit me, to those who extended their support during the medication process, to those who sent me text messages, to those who called, and to those who talked to me through YM. I felt so loved & blessed for having these people. My special thanks to my sister & Lorgie for staying with me at the hospital from the day I was admitted until the day I was discharged. Thank you very much!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Wala lang...

I have just thought about this question when I was trying to get my energy back 30 minutes ago. Questions that starts with why are the worst questions in the world(for me). Why? Because they are to be answered with explanations. I hate to explain. It's a brain damaging thing. Diba? Lalo na when you're asked by your boss why things happened. Haysus!

The truth is, I hate to answer questions that are not answerable by a simple yes and no. Questions that start with who, when & where are usually followed by why. Huhuhuhu... Diba? Like when you're presenting something to your boss. Haay.... makabalik na nga sa trabaho...

Just Another Ordinary Long Day

I'm in at 7.17. Earlier than my rivals in the CSG Punctuality Award wahahaha.... just playing around hahaha... My company does not offer such award except for the PAB which serves as the December bonus.

I could hardly open my eyes this morning. Everytime my alarm starts ringing I kept on reaching the snooze button. Got a headache, ugh! I thought I'm sick again but I couldn't leave work. I still managed to take a shower (damn it's cold!). Well, am here now, blogging and starting to make my list of to dos. Ehehehe... OA lang gyud...

Oh, I had a great time last night. I was at Kasagingan with Dulce & Ate Joie but they left before the rain poured (swerte naman!). So, I was stuck under the banana leaf ehehehe...

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day... When the rain stopped, my good friend Leah invited me to her house. I find myself there, later in the evening. Well, yah! I stayed late but I had a good conversation with her(conversations I missed doing with friends). That was quite a conversation I never wanted to end but I really have to rest for a while for the next day's activity. I am hoping to continue that conversation with you, Leigh.

Oh, got a good news! I got a Flickr Pro account gift(August 2009 to August 2010) from a friend! Yay! Thanks Ate Shirley! I'll make use of that gift! That's her early Christmas gift for me, btw.

So that's it! Have to make my list now!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Long Day

Here comes another long week and am not ready. I had a two-day rest but it wasn't really a good one. I was quitely attacked by headache and fever Saturday afternoon. I was supposed to meet some friends I missed. But rain started to pour after my shower. The rain served its purpose not to let me out of the house. Fine! I stayed home and messaged my friends that I can't make it. There was thunder, too! I'm afraid of the kulog, yaya! Hahahaha..

Sunday, I was still in my room feeling weaker (wala man kagawas hahahaha). Am bored and good thing that someone's willing to converse with me via YM (thanks Leigh).

Now, am back to work hoping that everything's going to be okay. I still have my headache... I could sense fever's totally going away and away!

Today's what to dos: (1) make purchase request for items not yet purchased (2) check inventory (3) followup undelivered stocks for inventory (4) list some violators (5) submit report to maintenance (6) update budget for PBR (7) work ahead on variance (8) check on illegally reconnected customers (9) do some orders from the bosses. Uhmmm... That's it!

I will be meeting some good friends later...

Good luck to me! Hehehehehe...

Have to start hitting the list.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2008

If I Lost My Thumb

I just punched-in for my afternoon duty and I don't know why I find myself smiling while pressing my thumb on the the fingerprint recognizer. Then I asked myself what if I lose or if I cut my thumb. How will I log myself in and out before and sfter duty? Oh no!

I remembered last week, I wrapped my thumb with a bandage to protect a cut from infections. When I was at the eTRS to punch-in, I was stuck there for a while because I have to remove the bandage from my thumb for the system to recognize me.

Paano if maputol ang thumb ko? Tapos walang guard para mag log ng time in & out ko? Wahhhhhh! Narealize ko tuloy na talagang may disadvantages ang advanced systems... na dapat may alternatives.

Wala lang. Natawa lang talag ako. Bwahahahaha...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Please Don't Make it Hard for You <------ for MJT

I am a worrier. Well, I was! But not anymore. I have changed my views in life.

Last night, I had a YM conversation with a friend. Well, he's a good friend of mine. He's a classmate in college and he became a very close friend after school. This guy is a man of principles. Most may not contradict from my principles but we have to discuss a lot about it. He worries a lot. I am very much worried about this friend. I don't want him to be like the old me.

I remembered we had a conversation years ago about how to spend time with our partners. Say, his girlfriend and my boyfriend, which both of us don't have hehehehe. We talked about it for long hours at a mall's carpark. I could no longer remember what brought us there. His ideas contradict mine. Well if he's having a girlfriend, he'd choose to spend if not all, most of his time with her... just the two of ém. Sweet, isn't it? Hahaha... Peace, Merv! Mine is, if I'd be having a boyfriend, I'd spend time with him (just the two of us), I'd spend time with him & his friends, & I'd spend time with him and my friends with us.

Last night, because he's out of the country, we had this conversation in YM. He's bothered about religion matters. I made it clear to him that religion does not save someone - it's what you do that counts! I remembered he mentioned catholicism with me before but I wasn't aware he's serious about it.

I told him not to worry about it! Instead, do good things and live life to the fullest.

I don't descriminate religion... I have friends from different religions but I never had a problem with them. It's because we respect each. Religion might be a guide to exercise beliefs but it cannot save life. Yes, we are saved. Jesus died on the cross but we also have to do our part. We also have to do good things to acknowledge His death. He died for us.

Before I went to bed last night, I asked myself a lot of questions. What's bothering this friend? I knew him as a very good friend of mine. Anong nagyari sa kanya? He asks a lot of questions about my belief.

John, you're a good friend and I thank you for that. There might be times that
we dicussed about serious matters, we even argued because we have different ideas. But despite all of those, I still value you because you're someone who really cares about me. Please believe what you have to believe. Don't make things hard for you. Do what you think is the best way that could save you and that could make you the happiest man. Do not worry too much about being in the right religion or not. It can't save you. Just trust in the Lord and everything will be alright. Ask Him your questions in silence. Talk to Him. In time, He will give you answers. Just trust in Him.

I'm worried about you. I hope we could still meet when you come back. Sabi mo after my birthday. I will be looking forward to it pero much better if andito ka na sa birthday ko. Ingat kayo diyan ni Allan. Be happy always. Life is short. Make the most of it. Do what you think are the best things that could make you happy. Wala baya ta kabalo until when lang atong existence diri sa world. May God bless you! Ingat ikaw.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Killing is Against the Law of God...Is it in this World?

7.17 - Punch-in time.

I was on my way home in the wee hour of this morning when something caught my attention. People running from there to here, along the street making a crowd. I was a bit curious what was there and kay chismax man, nakahibalo ra gyud. A mutlicab driver was shot dead.

What's happening in this city? I have heard about those mysterious killers. Is there any gain in their part after they kill someone? Do they have a God?

I've known this city as the safest city. I have always been proud that I live in this city. When I was in another place, somewhere in Visayas, I could hardly find myself outside after 10:00PM. It's because of the rumors scattered that there are lots of hoodlums strolling around the city at night.

Davao is the safest city I know and I am proud to be a Dabawenyo. But what's happening now? Someone's shot here, someone's shot there with unidentified gunmen. Let me ask. Are those killed really guilty of doing something that they have to suffer that way? I believe some of them are innocent. They're just being suspected but they really are innocent. Kawawang inosente, nagbabayad sa kasalanang di naman niya ginagawa and to think that killing is against God's Law. I am not just sure if it is in this world.

Now, is it safe for me and for others to stay outside during the night? Am I sure I could go home safe? What if they'd kill me na inosente naman ako? May madagdag ba sa pagkatao nila? Magkakaroon ba sila ng kapangyarihan?

What I know is that only God has the right to sentence someone's life. Everybody deserves chances. If God gave chances, why can't we give chances to our fellowmen?

May God forgive them....

Have a great & peaceful day, everyone!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


How's sleep? I had a good sleep last nigh though I woke up at around 2:00AM. Not bad because I've slept again later.

So! Any plans for today? Ooohhh, I arrived here at around 7:17AM. I thought I'd be in by 6:50 hah hah! Too much! Ahahahaha...

I planned to go home early yeasterday. I was at a store to buy some important stuffs. I was at the counter when my sister called. She invited me for dinner... I didn't refuse(usahay ra baya) hahahaha... Thanks, sis! I was just wondering why my sister is so kind to me. Well, it's a good start! We're starting to spend time together...again. She even invited me for a massage last Sunday but I don't really liked the idea of going out that late. I just told her to have our helper do the massage. So, there, di na kami lumabas.

She's planning for another massage. I always discourage her because I've tried those last year but I was never satisfied. I would prefer the "manghihilot" coz mafeel gyud nako na gihilot ko. As a matter of fact, I always let the "manghihilot" go to our house everytime I missed my period.

Oppps... I have to go. I have to have this morning session (chikka) with officemates para unya deretso na work... Hehehehhee...

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What Makes Me Younger?

Last night, I bumped into this interesting site, Real Age. I was quite curious what it’s all about. When I opened the site, the curiosity became intense and I decided to take the RealAge Test.

Just a few hours ago, I went through my mailbox to check the result. And there I was surprised with the result. It tells me that I’m +2.9 of my calendar age. Therefore, my real age is 30.6.

Let me tell you what makes me younger : (1) I don’t take any meds (2) I’m a non-smoker (3) I have parents who stayed together (4) I don’t eat much red meat (5) and I build my flexibility. Do you wanna know what makes me feel older? Nah! I’m sure you’re now curious about what making you younger and older. Why don’t you take the test? After all, it’s free!

What’s good about taking the test is that, it tells you what makes you younger and what makes you older and it suggests plans for you to live life to the youngest! Great, isn’t it? And one good thing about it is that, you can absolutely Take the free RealAge Test.

Are you getting intrigued now? Why not Take the RealAge Test! It's Free! test and see for yourself?



7:08, I'm In!

hi. just arrived at my workplace - punch-in time 7:08. hehehe.. good thing that i'm this early because i have to do something for my office partner. i was not able to do the task i usually do for her on her saturday off because i was busy on reports. i have not even released work orders. huhuhhu...

well, enj, i'm early and i will serve this purpose right now before hitting my daily routine. so much for that.

i had a great sunday. i started the day with a jog-walk activity. i made a new route - from home to a friend's home. since my friend's home is just near the airport, i got the chance to rest in a place where joggers and bystanders view an actual plane landing.

have to end this now. ughhhhh! it's so cold!

have a great monday, everyone!

ala lang... tabi-an lang gyud ko hah hah hah!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Have a Wonderful Weekend, Everyone!

it's saturday. 7.19, i'm in. still early hah! well, maybe because i'm already used to come early. i also have lots of loads to finish today and hoping that i could finish them all today.

it's weekend, everyone! relax, and get some energy in preparation for another long week at work next week. i am at work, yes hehehehehe... but don't worry, i can manage. am planning to have an early jog tomorrow, hoping for a new route. then after the jog, will spend the rest of the day in my room. i missed my room! didn't have enough time to stay there anymore. i'm always caught by darkness downtown, meeting few significant people, of course not to everyone but to me. hehehehe... hopefully, i'd just be home tomorrow. got no other plans other than the eraly jog.

have a great weekend, everyone! have fun and give time to those who love you...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Free Widgets and Downloads from Readers Digest

I have been a fanatic of Readers Digest when I took a glimpse of it when I was a kid. I can still remember my dad got a monthly subscription for it. I loved its stories, its humors, and its quotes! It is much appreciative now that Readers Digest has invaded the World Wide Web. Readers Digest still rocks online! What makes it more wonderful now are the widgets and downloads which are made possible by Readers Digest. There's Word Power where building one's vocabulary is fun. It also houses RD Laughs Main where humors are in store for the readers. One can also try the Prop My Photo page where funny props can be added to one's page. If one can't get enough of Readers Digest, a toolbar is made available for downloading that allows Readers Digest to be at our very own fingertips in either Firefox or Internet Explorer. I have in fact downloaded an RD toolbar to ensure that I'd be getting the freshest news from Readers Digest. I also tried to play the Word Power game as part of the widget. Why not check on the widgets and download them as well? It's just so easy. Simply visit Readers Widgets, be informed and have fun!


Checkin' In

wahhhhhhh..... i thought am gona be coming later than my usual! 7.12, i'm already in! well, good for me then coz i know it's gonna be a busy day! i have to start hitting my to do list because i will be in a meeting this this afternoon with a very very sensitive and a highly controversial agenda.

sometimes, we make fun of ourselves. hah hah hah... and yes i am laughing at myself right now. because when i woke up this morning, and saw the time, it's very late from the usual wake up time and i hurriedly stood up fixing my bed not knowing my where my other phone is! then suddenly, it fell. poor sammy! he's always the victim of my katangahan. hah hah hah... it's no longer normal. last week, he always slips from my hands or if not, when i clean my office table, i forgot he's there and there, he just fell from the table. ughhhh! come on, behave, sammy! i don't wanna buy a new phone! i like you! bwahehehehe....

where was i last night? well, i was out with some friends, headed by leah(thank you). we went to recreo though it's already late. well, of course, i went home late! hahaha but not bad, i had fun. i was just afraid the rain might shower the whole city again because they asked me to sing. thank God it didn't. bwahehehe... oh... speaking of the rain! well, it rained hard yesterday and everybody's stranded! i was stuck in the office until 9.00PM. i was very hungry! thanks to MILO w/ cereals...

have to say bye bye... time to hit my list...

have a great day, everyone!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Morning, October 9,2008!

hi. 7.19AM, i'm in! bwahehehehe.... i thought i might be late. i woke up 10 minutes late from the usual wake up time!

i had fun last night though i went home early to rest and be ready for today's work. i slept early, too! is 12.00AM early? anyone? bwahehehehe... i was with the new generation of my team... i was with the team! yay! hehehehe... we had fun...

leigh, sorry hehehehe... i'm definite when you went back online last night, was no longer awake... bwahehehhe... tagem (nagreboot man gud bah)... hah hah hah!

have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Late

Yay! I'm late.... I punched in LATE! I ate my lunch and finished it early. Done fixing myself for the afternoon... Why am I late? Any reasons, anyone? Whew! Syeeeet!

Well, that's because I did not receive any flashing note in my monitor. I was just staring my monitor, reading some blogs and I forget TIME! Damn! I could have bought a personal bell for my alarm... An alarm that shouts,"AMOR, TIME TO PUNCH IN!" Bwahehehehe...

What I am doing now? I'm just laughing. It's my first time anyways and still, my PAB is safe unless I punch in late for repeatedly... Tagam! Hah!

Whom to Blame

This is a story stocked in my mailbox since yesterday. I've read it already but couldn't find time to post so, I am posting this now to share with you. This is a beautiful story that describes the 1st Habit of Stephen Covey's The 7th Habit of Highly Effective People. By the way, the first habit is BE PROACTIVE. I hope the 1st habit will be clear after you read the story.

Boy was born to a couple after eleven years of marriage.
They were a Loving couple and the boy was the gem of their eyes.
When the boy was around two years old, one morning the husband saw a medicine bottle Open. He was late for office so he asked his wife to cap the bottle and keep It in the cupboard. His wife, preoccupied in the kitchen totally forgot the matter.
The boy saw the bottle and playfully went to the bottle fascinated by Its colour and
drank it all.
It happened to be a poisonous medicine Meant for adults in small dosages. When the child collapsed the mother Hurried him to the hospital, where he died. The mother was stunned. She Was terrified how to face her husband.
When the distraught father came to the hospital and saw the dead child ,

He looked at his wife and uttered just five words.


1. What were the five words?
2. What is the implication of this story?


The husband just said "I am with you Darling"

The husband's totally unexpected reaction is a proactive Behaviour.
The Child is dead. He can never be brought back to life.
There is no point In finding fault with the mother. Besides, if only he had taken time to Keep the bottle away, this would not have happened.
No one is to be blamed. She had also lost her only child. What she Needed at that moment was consolation and sympathy from the husband. That is what he gave her.

If everyone can look at life with this kind of perspective, there would Be much fewer problems in the world. "A journey of a thousand miles Begins with a single step." Take off all your envies, jealousies, Unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. And you will find things are Actually not as difficult as you think.

Sometimes we spend time in asking who is responsible or whom to blame,
Whether in a relationship, in a job or with the people we know. By this Way we
miss out some warmth
in human relationship.

That was the story. I hope I have shared something that could help you to be better as a person.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rise & Shine!

Good morning, everyone! 7.10AM, am in! Earlier than yesterday, isn't it? Well, I thought I'd come later than yesterday because I hit the bathroom later than the usual. But I think I'm at the right side of the bed when I woke up, ready to rise and shine and do things well today.

I was home late last night. Ugh! My friends from the union gave me an ambush invitation for dinner. They gave me a ride home I think it was 9:00PM when what I was planning is to be home earlier than that. So much of them. Bwahehehe...

Oh... when I started joining clubs and organizations in this company, I have widen my network of friends and I am always caught in meetings. Whoah! I have to talk to the Toastmaster president today. Yes, I made a commitment to be at the Toastmaster Davao's cocktail party but I also have an urgent meeting tonight with the union. So sad, but maybe if the meeting adjourns earlier than expected, I could find a ways to still be at the cocktail party. Well, I really wanted to go to that party. It's an opportunity again to meet new people within the different TM clubs and as they've said there will be foreign TM guests. But I think I'd be gping there late if I can. I have to be at the union's meeting. Important issues will be discussed.

Well, let's just see what's going to happen later. hehehehe...

Have a great day ahead, everyone!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Early to Rise, Early at Work

7.18AM and am already in! I always start my day at work by cleaning up my table(sometimes there are papers left when I'm out of the office or I'm off in a Saturday). Then, scheduling what to do first, then next until the end of the day.

I came early trying to think it's gonna be a busy day. I have to rush in doing my daily tasks because there's a scheduled meeting with the management this afternoon. And to my surprise, it was cancelled. I have to attend an urgent meeting later in the afternoon though. But that was good for me because I have to finish a report on department expenses. It's going to be a not soooo pressuring day(I hope hehehehe).

Sometimes, it's good to expect the worst and then later realized that it's not that worst at all.

Well, if you would ask me how I was last week, I would say it's perfect! I was not that loaded because I managed to relax during the holiday.

And my weekend was even more than perfect! I have this short notice to attend a Toastmaster's Event and I had a great time meeting those members from different clubs plus I have witnessed on how a contest is done.

Then I met a new friend in the evening. We'll I also had fun. And I kinda say I already have this confidence to meet new people. That has been a goal since I started my life after college.

That's it. I'm hoping this week's going to be as best as last week. Uhmmmm...

Good Morning, everyone!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Had Fun

Last Friday, I blogged that I'm going to field for work. It's my superior's will that ladies who're working in the office should be exposed at field to familiarize the standards and experience what our male team members had been experiencing.

My day out last Friday was fun! It really is and I proudly say, I now know how meters were tested for accuracy. I had fun and I've learned a lot - from removing the seal to removing the meter, testing the meter to replacing a new meter then resealing it again.

Here are some photos taken by my Team Leader:

Setting up.

With a team member, also setting up for testing.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Amor Went Back to Malagos

Hello my dear readers, as I promised you, I am going to blog about my Malagos Adventure. It's been almost a year since I had my last adventure in the Southern part of the City. I have just realized how big my city is.

It was last Nov. of last year that I went to places in the part of Calinan with some friends from the office. We went to EPOL and Seagull in the Sky. I had fun, yes I had....

Just last Wednesday(holiday-Eid'l Fitr), I and my good friends in my team went out for an adventure again, in the southern part of the city but this time, it's no longer EPOL and Seagull in the sky.

We hit the road at exactly 8:30AM. Our first stop was at The Philippine Eagle. Well, I had been to that place years ago and I see a lot of improvements. Well done, I could say. We had enough time to visit every corner and every endangered species they have there.


At nearly lunchtime, we hit the road again going to a friend's farm. We had our lunch there. Btw, thanks to Enjie & her Mom for the very warm welcome. They offered us different vareities of durian. Slurrp! hehehehe...

After lunch, we rest for a while, roam around the farm and settled at their living room for the singing session. While the two were enjoying the singing, another two enjoyed the pictorial. Hahahaha... They're trying to practice because sooner, I will be asking them to be my model. Hahahaha...

I Miss You, Papang...

We started packing up at past 5:00PM and headed back to the city. Before we finally hit our way back to the origin, we went to a subdivision in Mintal to visit a friend who had just given birth to her sweet baby boy.

Self & Friends

Then, we called it a Holiday!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Envina's Day Out

It's friday yet, it's not just a normal day for me. I will be out of the office(yuhooo). Today is my 2nd exposure at field. Yay! I hope it's going to be an interesting day! I will be roaming around the city with the team. Roaming, yet working... Hehehehe... I hope there'd be another new knowledge today!

So guys, I have to go!

Ingats kayo!

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