Friday, October 10, 2008

Free Widgets and Downloads from Readers Digest

I have been a fanatic of Readers Digest when I took a glimpse of it when I was a kid. I can still remember my dad got a monthly subscription for it. I loved its stories, its humors, and its quotes! It is much appreciative now that Readers Digest has invaded the World Wide Web. Readers Digest still rocks online! What makes it more wonderful now are the widgets and downloads which are made possible by Readers Digest. There's Word Power where building one's vocabulary is fun. It also houses RD Laughs Main where humors are in store for the readers. One can also try the Prop My Photo page where funny props can be added to one's page. If one can't get enough of Readers Digest, a toolbar is made available for downloading that allows Readers Digest to be at our very own fingertips in either Firefox or Internet Explorer. I have in fact downloaded an RD toolbar to ensure that I'd be getting the freshest news from Readers Digest. I also tried to play the Word Power game as part of the widget. Why not check on the widgets and download them as well? It's just so easy. Simply visit Readers Widgets, be informed and have fun!


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