Monday, October 13, 2008

What Makes Me Younger?

Last night, I bumped into this interesting site, Real Age. I was quite curious what it’s all about. When I opened the site, the curiosity became intense and I decided to take the RealAge Test.

Just a few hours ago, I went through my mailbox to check the result. And there I was surprised with the result. It tells me that I’m +2.9 of my calendar age. Therefore, my real age is 30.6.

Let me tell you what makes me younger : (1) I don’t take any meds (2) I’m a non-smoker (3) I have parents who stayed together (4) I don’t eat much red meat (5) and I build my flexibility. Do you wanna know what makes me feel older? Nah! I’m sure you’re now curious about what making you younger and older. Why don’t you take the test? After all, it’s free!

What’s good about taking the test is that, it tells you what makes you younger and what makes you older and it suggests plans for you to live life to the youngest! Great, isn’t it? And one good thing about it is that, you can absolutely Take the free RealAge Test.

Are you getting intrigued now? Why not Take the RealAge Test! It's Free! test and see for yourself?



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