Friday, October 17, 2008

If I Lost My Thumb

I just punched-in for my afternoon duty and I don't know why I find myself smiling while pressing my thumb on the the fingerprint recognizer. Then I asked myself what if I lose or if I cut my thumb. How will I log myself in and out before and sfter duty? Oh no!

I remembered last week, I wrapped my thumb with a bandage to protect a cut from infections. When I was at the eTRS to punch-in, I was stuck there for a while because I have to remove the bandage from my thumb for the system to recognize me.

Paano if maputol ang thumb ko? Tapos walang guard para mag log ng time in & out ko? Wahhhhhh! Narealize ko tuloy na talagang may disadvantages ang advanced systems... na dapat may alternatives.

Wala lang. Natawa lang talag ako. Bwahahahaha...

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