Saturday, October 4, 2008

Amor Went Back to Malagos

Hello my dear readers, as I promised you, I am going to blog about my Malagos Adventure. It's been almost a year since I had my last adventure in the Southern part of the City. I have just realized how big my city is.

It was last Nov. of last year that I went to places in the part of Calinan with some friends from the office. We went to EPOL and Seagull in the Sky. I had fun, yes I had....

Just last Wednesday(holiday-Eid'l Fitr), I and my good friends in my team went out for an adventure again, in the southern part of the city but this time, it's no longer EPOL and Seagull in the sky.

We hit the road at exactly 8:30AM. Our first stop was at The Philippine Eagle. Well, I had been to that place years ago and I see a lot of improvements. Well done, I could say. We had enough time to visit every corner and every endangered species they have there.


At nearly lunchtime, we hit the road again going to a friend's farm. We had our lunch there. Btw, thanks to Enjie & her Mom for the very warm welcome. They offered us different vareities of durian. Slurrp! hehehehe...

After lunch, we rest for a while, roam around the farm and settled at their living room for the singing session. While the two were enjoying the singing, another two enjoyed the pictorial. Hahahaha... They're trying to practice because sooner, I will be asking them to be my model. Hahahaha...

I Miss You, Papang...

We started packing up at past 5:00PM and headed back to the city. Before we finally hit our way back to the origin, we went to a subdivision in Mintal to visit a friend who had just given birth to her sweet baby boy.

Self & Friends

Then, we called it a Holiday!

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