Tuesday, October 14, 2008


How's sleep? I had a good sleep last nigh though I woke up at around 2:00AM. Not bad because I've slept again later.

So! Any plans for today? Ooohhh, I arrived here at around 7:17AM. I thought I'd be in by 6:50 hah hah! Too much! Ahahahaha...

I planned to go home early yeasterday. I was at a store to buy some important stuffs. I was at the counter when my sister called. She invited me for dinner... I didn't refuse(usahay ra baya) hahahaha... Thanks, sis! I was just wondering why my sister is so kind to me. Well, it's a good start! We're starting to spend time together...again. She even invited me for a massage last Sunday but I don't really liked the idea of going out that late. I just told her to have our helper do the massage. So, there, di na kami lumabas.

She's planning for another massage. I always discourage her because I've tried those last year but I was never satisfied. I would prefer the "manghihilot" coz mafeel gyud nako na gihilot ko. As a matter of fact, I always let the "manghihilot" go to our house everytime I missed my period.

Oppps... I have to go. I have to have this morning session (chikka) with officemates para unya deretso na work... Hehehehhee...

Have a great day everyone!

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