Thursday, October 16, 2008

Please Don't Make it Hard for You <------ for MJT

I am a worrier. Well, I was! But not anymore. I have changed my views in life.

Last night, I had a YM conversation with a friend. Well, he's a good friend of mine. He's a classmate in college and he became a very close friend after school. This guy is a man of principles. Most may not contradict from my principles but we have to discuss a lot about it. He worries a lot. I am very much worried about this friend. I don't want him to be like the old me.

I remembered we had a conversation years ago about how to spend time with our partners. Say, his girlfriend and my boyfriend, which both of us don't have hehehehe. We talked about it for long hours at a mall's carpark. I could no longer remember what brought us there. His ideas contradict mine. Well if he's having a girlfriend, he'd choose to spend if not all, most of his time with her... just the two of ém. Sweet, isn't it? Hahaha... Peace, Merv! Mine is, if I'd be having a boyfriend, I'd spend time with him (just the two of us), I'd spend time with him & his friends, & I'd spend time with him and my friends with us.

Last night, because he's out of the country, we had this conversation in YM. He's bothered about religion matters. I made it clear to him that religion does not save someone - it's what you do that counts! I remembered he mentioned catholicism with me before but I wasn't aware he's serious about it.

I told him not to worry about it! Instead, do good things and live life to the fullest.

I don't descriminate religion... I have friends from different religions but I never had a problem with them. It's because we respect each. Religion might be a guide to exercise beliefs but it cannot save life. Yes, we are saved. Jesus died on the cross but we also have to do our part. We also have to do good things to acknowledge His death. He died for us.

Before I went to bed last night, I asked myself a lot of questions. What's bothering this friend? I knew him as a very good friend of mine. Anong nagyari sa kanya? He asks a lot of questions about my belief.

John, you're a good friend and I thank you for that. There might be times that
we dicussed about serious matters, we even argued because we have different ideas. But despite all of those, I still value you because you're someone who really cares about me. Please believe what you have to believe. Don't make things hard for you. Do what you think is the best way that could save you and that could make you the happiest man. Do not worry too much about being in the right religion or not. It can't save you. Just trust in the Lord and everything will be alright. Ask Him your questions in silence. Talk to Him. In time, He will give you answers. Just trust in Him.

I'm worried about you. I hope we could still meet when you come back. Sabi mo after my birthday. I will be looking forward to it pero much better if andito ka na sa birthday ko. Ingat kayo diyan ni Allan. Be happy always. Life is short. Make the most of it. Do what you think are the best things that could make you happy. Wala baya ta kabalo until when lang atong existence diri sa world. May God bless you! Ingat ikaw.

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