Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Long Day

Here comes another long week and am not ready. I had a two-day rest but it wasn't really a good one. I was quitely attacked by headache and fever Saturday afternoon. I was supposed to meet some friends I missed. But rain started to pour after my shower. The rain served its purpose not to let me out of the house. Fine! I stayed home and messaged my friends that I can't make it. There was thunder, too! I'm afraid of the kulog, yaya! Hahahaha..

Sunday, I was still in my room feeling weaker (wala man kagawas hahahaha). Am bored and good thing that someone's willing to converse with me via YM (thanks Leigh).

Now, am back to work hoping that everything's going to be okay. I still have my headache... I could sense fever's totally going away and away!

Today's what to dos: (1) make purchase request for items not yet purchased (2) check inventory (3) followup undelivered stocks for inventory (4) list some violators (5) submit report to maintenance (6) update budget for PBR (7) work ahead on variance (8) check on illegally reconnected customers (9) do some orders from the bosses. Uhmmm... That's it!

I will be meeting some good friends later...

Good luck to me! Hehehehehe...

Have to start hitting the list.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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