Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rise & Shine!

Good morning, everyone! 7.10AM, am in! Earlier than yesterday, isn't it? Well, I thought I'd come later than yesterday because I hit the bathroom later than the usual. But I think I'm at the right side of the bed when I woke up, ready to rise and shine and do things well today.

I was home late last night. Ugh! My friends from the union gave me an ambush invitation for dinner. They gave me a ride home I think it was 9:00PM when what I was planning is to be home earlier than that. So much of them. Bwahehehe...

Oh... when I started joining clubs and organizations in this company, I have widen my network of friends and I am always caught in meetings. Whoah! I have to talk to the Toastmaster president today. Yes, I made a commitment to be at the Toastmaster Davao's cocktail party but I also have an urgent meeting tonight with the union. So sad, but maybe if the meeting adjourns earlier than expected, I could find a ways to still be at the cocktail party. Well, I really wanted to go to that party. It's an opportunity again to meet new people within the different TM clubs and as they've said there will be foreign TM guests. But I think I'd be gping there late if I can. I have to be at the union's meeting. Important issues will be discussed.

Well, let's just see what's going to happen later. hehehehe...

Have a great day ahead, everyone!

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