Monday, October 6, 2008

Early to Rise, Early at Work

7.18AM and am already in! I always start my day at work by cleaning up my table(sometimes there are papers left when I'm out of the office or I'm off in a Saturday). Then, scheduling what to do first, then next until the end of the day.

I came early trying to think it's gonna be a busy day. I have to rush in doing my daily tasks because there's a scheduled meeting with the management this afternoon. And to my surprise, it was cancelled. I have to attend an urgent meeting later in the afternoon though. But that was good for me because I have to finish a report on department expenses. It's going to be a not soooo pressuring day(I hope hehehehe).

Sometimes, it's good to expect the worst and then later realized that it's not that worst at all.

Well, if you would ask me how I was last week, I would say it's perfect! I was not that loaded because I managed to relax during the holiday.

And my weekend was even more than perfect! I have this short notice to attend a Toastmaster's Event and I had a great time meeting those members from different clubs plus I have witnessed on how a contest is done.

Then I met a new friend in the evening. We'll I also had fun. And I kinda say I already have this confidence to meet new people. That has been a goal since I started my life after college.

That's it. I'm hoping this week's going to be as best as last week. Uhmmmm...

Good Morning, everyone!

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