Friday, January 23, 2009

Lady In Red

Got this fellow commuter beside me today. When she stepped into the PUJ, she caught the eye of everybody. She was wearing a red knitted blouse, her fingernails were painted red, her bag was red and she was wearing a lot of jewelries(ring on her fingers including the butterfly ring, bracelets, necklace & a pair of earings). She took her phone from her bag and 'twas colored red.

I told myself she must have loved red or it's her birthday. Before I stepped off the PUJ, she took a call from her mom, I guess. And my being "chismosa" came out. She even speaking in dabawenya or mandaya (The language I used in our province. I think she's just from a nearby province because we have different accent or say modulation.) She was saying thank you to her caller and told her about the lechon, the butterfly ring, the necklace with the anchor pendant. Then I was quite confident to guess that it's really her birthday.

Why is red significant during birthdays? I remembered few birthdays ago, my friends would say I should wear red. What's with the red on birthdays, anyways?

To the lady in red and to all who have celebrated their birthdays today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Gift as my Tool

Got a call yesterday from the incharge of our pigeonhole. She told I have something from Ms. Jovy, a friend from Cebu. When I opened it, it's a small box with cards of quote in it. The quotes are about friendship - extending network of friends and making the friendship both young and old healthy. I will have this gift as my tool in making my friendship with others grow.

This morning, I took the first card that says, "Life is full of people who will make you laugh, cry, smile until your face hurts, and so happy that you think you'll burst. But the ones who leave their footprints on your soul are the one that keep your life going."

I gotta tell you that I am rich. I don't have properties & wealth but I am rich. I have lots of friends! And I'm still extending my network of friends. I meet new people every now and then. The thing is that not all friends could be with you all the time. No offense but that's a fact! They also have their things to do. But of course, old friends should be treasured. Laugh, smile & cry with them. There are times wherein you should meet and give updates about what's happening to them. And be there when needed.

Some friends come and just go! Some are good & some are true. Some are those you see regularly. But even if some did go, they somehow have left footprints on your soul. I have friends who I no longer see. I failed to let ém stay. But it's their choice and all I can do is just to understand. But of course, no matter how hard it was, feeling left but still I love ém and they're still important to me.

I have learned so many things from my friends. I am thankful for having them. All of ém...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

Evaluating ones self is tough.
Years ago, I always ask myself,"Who am I?"
I have answers but all products of my doubt.
Everything's not clear.
Not even my hobbies & interests.
I could not pick one.
If I could, it's not permanent.
Sort of "I love to sing now but I love dancing next week."
Ano ba talaga?
Pag-sure.. :)

Now, I could see a different me.
Maybe not a total change but better than good.
Maybe not in relationships but how to handle things.

I was quite a worrier.
An introvert after losing a bestfriend.
Someone who loves to think of problems,
But not doing something about it.
I think too much...
I entertain many questions which,
Are not supposed to be asked.
Then I find myself empty.

What changed me, anyways?
It's Stephen Covey.
I am not saying he's better than God.
But he became an instrument.
Two years ago,
The company I worked for sent me & few other employees to a training.
The training was all about self-discovery & becoming effective.
The reference of the training was that guy's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People."
It has a great impact in me.
My thanks to Stephen,
To my employer, Davao Light,
And to the two ladies who facilitated, Mia & Paula.

I have misunderstood life.
The seminar let me realized that life is what we make it.
That life is a choice & not destiny.

I have also ready Stepehen's 90/10 principle.
That's what I've been trying to practice.

After the seminar, when I'm into something,
I always ask myself," Is this what I wanted?"
"Is that what I wanted my life to be?"
"Will I let problems take over me?"
"Would I allow people to ruin my life?"
I always give myself choices.

Few months ago, I challenged myself.
I asked myself what I really wanted to do apart from work.
Then I have different answers.
Is it possible if I choose not only one?
Yes, it is. My choice!
Interests vary every now and then.
Just like when I'm just home - in my room.
I have my computer connected to the internet.
Sometimes I get bored & wanted to do something different.
Then suddenly I find myself grabbing my guitar & play.
Or when I want to release tensions,
I just pull out my dart pins & hit the board.
Or when I'm tired of browsing in the internet,
I work to enhance my skills in post processing photos.
Or I invite a friend to a photo shoot.
At least I am now doing something..
Keeping myself away from boredom..
I always keep myself busy.
I have set in mind that
"An idle mind is a devil's workshop."
And that's really true.

Have a pleasant Saturday, everyone!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Be Flexible

everything in this world changes.
that's a fact that even before was hard for me to understand.
but at least at this point, i've willingly opened my doors to that fact.
that things sometimes don't happen the way you expect them to happen.
that life's journey isn't definite.
that there's a surprising change in route uphill.

i was raised disciplined.
everything has to be in order & planned.
i have now realized that one should be flexible.
because change is just right beside you - wanting to destroy your plans.

after i was discharged from the hospital,
i could no longer make my blog a day.
why? because of a shift.
work started to hunt me... budget time!
when i have time to loosen up,
my interest was no longer into blogging.
(not to mention i have a secret blog).
because i missed niko(my dslr),
i spent mos of my free time with him.
i've met new people who're interested in photography.
we had photo shoots.

now i'm back.
but the question's how often would i make a post?
daily? twice a week? no longer definite.
is it a choice? yes it is!
but i choose not to be certain in everything now.
i choose not to expect too much from myself & from others.
experiences of too much expectation
that led to disappointment are enough to be my teacher.

everything's changing...
be flexible.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Was Out Today...And It Rained

Gone Hunting... Got Wet

I was out the whole day today. I left work because I am scheduled to purchase the prizes for a raffle draw on January 25, along with 2 member of the group. It was a tiring day but thank God it's all done!

Then I was out with my officemates to celebrate Karen's birthday... when I hit the road home, it rained... and so, I went wet....

Have to sign off at this point because I have to sleep now. I need to look okay tomorrow. I have a meeting with the president...


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lycky Number???

Take a look at the figure... I have just noticed that #7 was very much involved from my first day at work in 2009 upto today..

Is this number my lucky number for the year? A lucky year at work? or in general? Well, I hope it is because in the bible 7 is a good number. I just forgot the verse & the chapter. 7 symbolizes eternity in the bible.

Have a great day!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Back...

My busy days started early November...
It became even more worst in December...
Different activities coming in and out...
Parties, meeting friends & acquaintances...
Meeting new people and building friendships...
Gift shopping and giving...
Work.. I had to divide time... this is what life is all about anyways...

To some friends who have not seen me during those days,
I'm sorry.
I'll make it up to you...

But now, I'm back...
That's what matters most.
I've kept my promise...

Before I started my very long vacation,
I've met a few photo-hobbyists...
We set a photo walk as the 1st & last of 2008.
That was same date with the photo walk of the Indios,
One of our flickr group.

Here's the photo of the Indios-Davao:

The day after the shoot,
I left for my hometown for a vacation.
It's always raining (not bad for me)...
I love the weather...
I missed the rain while at home....
Staying in bed, covering myself with a blanket...

New Year's day went sunny...
I went out with some friends & my sister...
I went to the beach to enjoy the view...
I took pictures...
Here's a picture of something I always miss...
The reason why I always wanted to go back HOME....

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