Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Gift as my Tool

Got a call yesterday from the incharge of our pigeonhole. She told I have something from Ms. Jovy, a friend from Cebu. When I opened it, it's a small box with cards of quote in it. The quotes are about friendship - extending network of friends and making the friendship both young and old healthy. I will have this gift as my tool in making my friendship with others grow.

This morning, I took the first card that says, "Life is full of people who will make you laugh, cry, smile until your face hurts, and so happy that you think you'll burst. But the ones who leave their footprints on your soul are the one that keep your life going."

I gotta tell you that I am rich. I don't have properties & wealth but I am rich. I have lots of friends! And I'm still extending my network of friends. I meet new people every now and then. The thing is that not all friends could be with you all the time. No offense but that's a fact! They also have their things to do. But of course, old friends should be treasured. Laugh, smile & cry with them. There are times wherein you should meet and give updates about what's happening to them. And be there when needed.

Some friends come and just go! Some are good & some are true. Some are those you see regularly. But even if some did go, they somehow have left footprints on your soul. I have friends who I no longer see. I failed to let ém stay. But it's their choice and all I can do is just to understand. But of course, no matter how hard it was, feeling left but still I love ém and they're still important to me.

I have learned so many things from my friends. I am thankful for having them. All of ém...

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