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The History of the FLICKR-holic Indio

Nowadays, many are addicted to flickr. I am one of them. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with flickr, please visit Flickr on Wikipedia .

I became a member of flickr in the 19th of June 2005. I have uploaded photos for the sake of having an online album. I was not into photography that time. I uploaded some photos of friends and some memories just like in friendster, facebook and multiply. I have also uploaded some personalized greeting cards.

In late 2007, I started to eye on good photos and admired photography until in the 1st of January 2008, I tried the first shot using my mom's point and shoot camera.

New Year 2008

Until my photostream became a mixture of pictures intended for photography and pictures of memories with places and people.

I joined different groups in flickr and look for groups where I really think I could fit in. InMarch 2008, I joined the group flickristasindios. I have felt the warm welcome of the group and became a regular visitor in the duscussions. I don't have a DSLR that time so I just use my mom's point and shoot camera, post some photos and mingle with them in the discussion threads.

In May 6, 2008 I posted a new topic which is I think something that could build up closeness and bonding to members. Until now, I'm thankful to the members because it's still alive. To date, it has 2,591 replies.

In 1st of August 2008, I got my first D40 Nikon DSLR (bought by a friend in Peter Go's Photoshoppe in Cebu). I named him Niko.


Then I took some photos using Niko. Here's my first flickr upload:

Testing #1

In same month, I got my first flickr pro account. Before I go on, let me first thank the two people who supported this hobby through sponsoring my PRO account.

I would just like to thank my PRO account sponsors:

(1) Lolinda Sams(Aug 2008 - Aug 2009)
(2) Shirley Denia Ramos (Aug 2009 - Aug 2010)

Thank you!

Then I tried to combine graphics design and photography. I joined the Indios' calendar design contest. I became the contestant who first passed the design. Though I did not win, but still I am proud because I have designed a desk calendar.

Then, my life as a flickr addict and photography hobbyist started. You can visit my flickr account here.

And the hobby goes on...

In November 2, 2008, I got my first EXPLORED picture. By the way, for those who have no idea what an Explore is, please do visit the site FAQS about Explore. I took the photo after my Toastmaster's ice breaker speech.


I was shocked because there are more than one blogger using thisphoto. I remembered the #1 user seeking for my permission. Here are some sites using this photo:

  1. Now Public's Writing Dilemma by Sara Star

  2. NowPublic is a place where you can make, break, shape, and share the news that matters to you — as it happens. We are the largest and fastest-growing participatory news network in the world, with thousands of contributing members from over 140 countries.

    Unlike traditional news organizations, NowPublic is an open community that enables everyone to participate in the newsmaking process. Whether you're interested in being an eyewitness "on the scene" reporter, a newshound that seeks out stories about topics that interest you, or any combination of editor, writer, blogger, photographer, videographer, avid commenter, or even a general news enthusiast — NowPublic lets you define the news agenda.

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Then, Explored photos keep coming in. And my loyality to the group became intense(tama ba yan? ump!). Memebers visiting Davao City would never froget to communicate and meet me and the other members who are in the city.

Then I met Ate Norly, the first Indio I've met. Along with her were stuffs sent by Kuya Jo to me.

Meeting w/ an India

I'm not a FLICKR Addict!

Then I met Kuya Ding and other Indios in Davao(Maggy & Ate Jo).

Indio Meets Indias

The I became more proud of the group because the activities does not only involve photography but also in helping the community. The group was already acknowledged by Yahoo(the owner of flickr). And the number of members keeps on growing!

The group had our first photo exhibit.

indios experience

Then, I had my first photoshoot woth the Davao-based Indios the day after Christmas.


In January 2009, I started to dp something beyond photography. I started to enter into the world of photo processing - HDR (High Dynamic Range). Here's my first attempt:

1st Try on HDR: The Beach

In March 2009, I met another Indio, Kuya Abdul with my other friends who share same passion with me.

Araw ng Dabaw Photographers

Then, in late March 2009, another Indio came to the city for an OB. I met him with some of my Davao Light pals.

I've Met Shy Ten!

That was same date when I had my first win in the group's Hamon (photo contest). The theme was "Light Painting" and here's my entry:

Attitude Fuels My Fire

Ang here's what I got as a prize which I donated to Kuya Uckhet's birthday mamam... a Chivas Regal!

And just after the Holy Week, I had my 2nd Xcelerator experience with the Indios-Davao.

My 2nd Xcelerator Experience

And the other day, I received Flickr stuffs from a friend. Thanks, Kev.

That's all for now, folks.... back to normal programming... :)

My 2nd INDIO HAMON Winning Photo

Haaaayyy... kakapagod! Maaga nga kaming pinauwi dahil nga transport stike pero 6pm na ako nakarating sa bahay....

Anyways, while I was making a "silip" sa silid ng INDIOS(sa flickr po), nabigla na lang ako nang makita ko ang pangalan ko na nakarugtong sa HAMON 09 #38 ng INDIOS. Sa kasawiang palad.... Ako ang nanalo! Pangalawang panalo ko na po sa HAMON. Minsa lang po ako sumasali... Eto po ang entry ko sa HAMONG: DON'T TOUCH MY BIRDIE.....

The White Peacock

Maraming salamat po sa bumoto dito sa entry ko....

Ako po'y nahihirapan nung kunan ko ang hayop na iyan. Mahirap pong matyempuhan ang pagharap niya sa camera. Pinoposisyon ko po kasi ang camera ko kung saan po na hindi makikita ang cyclone wire na naging kulungan niya. pangalawang beses ko po siyang binalikbalikan kasi po sa tuwing nakaready na po ako, likod niya agad ang pinapaharap niya sa lente ko. Ang sakit pa naman ng kagat ng araw.....

Wala lang po... share ko lang... hehehehehhe...

More Than a Year of Flickr Addiction

More Than a Year of Flickr Addiction

This photo is for my 1st year of FLICKR ADDICTION. I had been registered to flickr for more than 2 years but I was addicted to flickr only last January of 2008. And because life had been so hard since 2009 started( thank God it's all over), that is why I made something for my more than a year of flickr addiction only this time.

This is my 2nd upload for the month of May and it's been more than a month that I have not visited flickr regularly because of my busy life (work, tennis class, and etc.). I don't even have photo shoots these days because I couldn't free my mind from worrying about some things. My eyes couldn't see beautiful things through my lens right now and I promise, when things fall back to its place, I will be back to my regular programming hehehehe...

No matter how busy life is, I still find time to visit flickr (watch mode nga lang)... therefore, I still consider myself as FLICKR ADDICT.

Salamat nga pala sa mga grupong tumanggap sa akin ng buong-buo at sa mga pro account sponsors ko... Maraming salamat po!

I Failed to Save A Life.... Again...

Image by : anglgirl1976

Blood is life...

Every year, the company that I work for holds its Mass Blood Donation Drive in cooperation with the Philippine Red Cross.

Last year, my intention to donate blood and save life was rejected because of my period. My last day was the day prior to the Mass Blood Donation Drive. I failed to save life...

Yesterday was the company's Annual Blood Dondation Drive and was again a failure for me. I've done the efforts prior to yesterday.... I slept for 8 hours, I did not take alcoholic drinks, I did not drink coffee and I drink lots of water.

I woke up so excited that finally I could donate a blood. I went to the room and confidently presented myself as first timer(but my 2nd attempt). I happily filled-up the form.

When the PRC officer put me to the first test, she told me I cannot donate blood. I am a floater - the sample of my blood did not sink to the bottom of the container filled with solution - my homoglobin(Hb) is just enough. I failed...

I failed to save life and to know what a blood donor feels when they save lives - for the second time.

I wanted to donate blood because I want to save life - to be a person living life with a purpose. That is one of my ways to be of purpose.

I know a bit of how it feels to those who need blood. Last year in October, I almost needed some. I was hospitalized for dengue. Only my sister and my helper were there. I did not feel that I was sick because I was so active - I do things without assistance while in the hospital. While my sister was asleep and the helper went home to get my sister's unifrom(she can't leave more than a hundred patients), the nurse informed me that my platelette went down to 60. When the nurse left, I hid under the blanket and sob. What if I need blood transfusion? Where can I ask help to get blood? Whose blood will be transfused in my veins? Will it hurt? Dad, Mom, where are you?

Good thing that I was not advised for a blood transfusion. From 60, my platelette increased to 70 then up, up, and up until I was advised to go home... Thanks to Sir Fermin for the standby help in case I will be needing blood.

Blood is life... that's what I realized. That is why my eagerness to donate blood was increased. Lots of people at the hospital needs blood. I wanted to save at least one of them...

I will do my best that next year, I could be able to give blood. In the meantime, I will find other ways to be a person of purpose...

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