Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rice on High Price...

I was on a long walk going to the market today.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Booze Again

The last time I remembered boozing was December when I met my friends at Davao's Autoshop for a pre-Christmas celebration. And of course, it's no longer my last since I boozed again last night.

I was on my way to the gym when my friend messaged me to meet her with our other friends. Since it's a TGIS, I met them at Ponce Suite (Kublai's art gallery). I wondered what's in there. So I set my foot there for the first time. I was quite surprised because we're giving a surprise to a friend's friend(who I've already met few times) hahahahaha....

Then we headed along Torres. I had been in Torres many times in my life, food hunting, coffee drinking, and even my gym is located there. Those are the usual trips I have when in Torres. But last night was different. We went to a smoky, place where there are a lot of kicking horses seen atop the tables, and the brouhahas. Yes, totally different. It's the new haven for people of all ages who loves night life a lot. I have thought everyone's gone there many times except me. Poor me, but it's okay. I'm not just used to go to places like this, but I enjoyed it with my friends.

We took a table, then a large pitcher of blue margarita, and have few shots.... Gee.... went tipsy after a few shots....

I went home at almost 2 am. Yes, called it a night then... and I just woke up... dugh...

So, last night was my last booze... LOL.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fagioli Thursday

Fagioli Thursday. Yes! It's a dream come true. It has been weeks since my friend and I planned to visit Fagioli, one of the people's loved coffee clubs in Davao. The first attempt, which was weeks ago, was a disaster. My friend and I planned to hang out at Fagioli to discuss the process and flow of our system. We're on our first step to Fagioli that time when something went wrong with her truck's electrical system. We were stuck inside the car because it was raining and we end up discussing things at her house. So, it was cancelled.

Just yesterday, the Fagioli thing was discussed and visiting the coffee club crossed our minds.

And tonight, it was just like a dream come true. It's my first time to visit the place, of course. Along with us were three of our officemates. Yah, we enjoyed staying in the place, talking, laughing, surfing friendster with my friend's MacBook.

Fagioli Coffee Club by the way is located along Lanang, Davao City, just near the Damos Gateway and Kia Motors. The place is so cool, the coffee and the cakes taste good and so affordable and the highlight of it all, the rest room is so clean and eye-catching(inside). The crews were accommodating and the people are friendly.

We stayed there for more than three hours and we loved the place. I'm sure we'll be back there soon.

Monday, April 7, 2008

SAMAL Summer '08

It was almost April when Tin2x, one of my office friends told me we can't push through with the "White Water Tubing." It's because other office friends are going to Camp Sabros and wanted to join us in the White Water Tubing.

Then, I thought of somewhere to go for the pre-Holiday (day before the Araw ng Kagitingan) getaway. I talked to another office friend about what I had in mind. She's interested so, we made the plan. Another office friend took the responsibility for the transpo booking, then we invited friends and friends of friends to reach the vehicle's limit of 11. There are some who're interested to join us but sad to say, we could no longer build up another group for another vehicle.

April 6,2008. The day of the getaway. I woke up at around 4.30am, prepared myself for the getaway, met my group at the bus terminal for IGACOS (Island Garden City of Samal). At past 6.00am, the group was set so, we took the bus going to Caliclic,IGACOS (bus fare is P20). At almost 7.00am, we took the multi-cab which, we hired for the day-tour (multi-cab's day tour P2,500, gas inclusive). The day tour begins!

First Stop : Bat Cave (Entrance: P20).
This is the Bat Cave (my first time to visit the place), a cave occupied by millions of bats. The cave is located at a private property. It has been discovered years ago but have just been opened for the public just recently.
This place is frequently visited by both local and foreign people. Some visitors are students who're conducting experiments.
Sad to say we have not explored the whole place because aside from the cave's smell (ugh!), the rain has started to pour.

We got back to the cab for the next destination. Of course, while we were on the cab going to the next stop, we mingle with new people in the group like the friends of our friends. Some questions were raised (lol). There was fun along the way.

2nd Stop : Hagimit Falls (Entrance P5).
This is the only falls I know in the Island (My 2nd time to visit the place). What's in the picture is just a small Falls, which is a part of Hagimit Falls but there are a lot of larger falls down but we just can't get there because the bamboo bridges were destroyed by the flood caused by the heavy rains during the Holy Week.

Local people said, Hagimit Falls was a beautiful place before. It was maintained by a businessman to keep it's beauty. But when big rains poured, it's beauty was swept away by flood. By then, it's no longer as beautiful as before.

When we reached the place. We played with the cold water . Then, some locals with two foreigners arrived for a swim. Then after a few minutes, bikers from Davao City arrived.

While I was watching my group swimming and enjoying in the waterfalls, I felt like I wanted to swim too. So I pulled off my pants (am wearing a summer shorts inside ;)) and jumped into the water! Was really cold but I loved it!

We stayed there for more than an hour. Then we headed to our final destination where we'll be having our lunch.

3rd and Final Stop. Canibad's Secret Paradise. (Entrance: P20; Cottage Rental: P150)
This is the Canibad Beach (My 3rd time to visit this place). This place is owned by local people who are all relatives. It's just a small place. So natural, no commercial buildings, no hotels, and plainly natural. The cottages are not even classy... so simple and that's what I like in a beach.... Affordable prices, too. The cottages for a day cost only P150/day and the cottages for overnights cost P350/night. Affordable, isn't it?

I and my friends enjoyed our half-day stay in Canibad. We swam, strolled along the beach, enjoying the summer heat of the sun (no wonder I got a sunburn), laughed, joked. We had fun.

There were also foreigners who stayed in the place, mostly Koreans. I am happy the people there have maintained it's simplicity and it's beauty. The water is still clear. I just hope it will remain as it is because it's simplicity calls me to visit the place again and again.

We packed up at almost 5.00pm. Took the cab back to PeƱaplata (bus terminal going to Davao City). We then took the bus (fare from PeƱaplata to Davao City is P35), arrived in Davao Safely at almost 7.00pm)

I arrived home at lat 7.00pm, took my dinner and called it a day!

The day-tour was really a day filled with fun! God is always good that He keeps us away from harm and accident.

Now, am suffering from sunburn but it doesn't matter. I enjoyed anyways. ;)

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