Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Booze Again

The last time I remembered boozing was December when I met my friends at Davao's Autoshop for a pre-Christmas celebration. And of course, it's no longer my last since I boozed again last night.

I was on my way to the gym when my friend messaged me to meet her with our other friends. Since it's a TGIS, I met them at Ponce Suite (Kublai's art gallery). I wondered what's in there. So I set my foot there for the first time. I was quite surprised because we're giving a surprise to a friend's friend(who I've already met few times) hahahahaha....

Then we headed along Torres. I had been in Torres many times in my life, food hunting, coffee drinking, and even my gym is located there. Those are the usual trips I have when in Torres. But last night was different. We went to a smoky, place where there are a lot of kicking horses seen atop the tables, and the brouhahas. Yes, totally different. It's the new haven for people of all ages who loves night life a lot. I have thought everyone's gone there many times except me. Poor me, but it's okay. I'm not just used to go to places like this, but I enjoyed it with my friends.

We took a table, then a large pitcher of blue margarita, and have few shots.... Gee.... went tipsy after a few shots....

I went home at almost 2 am. Yes, called it a night then... and I just woke up... dugh...

So, last night was my last booze... LOL.

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