Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Than a Year of Flickr Addiction

More Than a Year of Flickr Addiction

This photo is for my 1st year of FLICKR ADDICTION. I had been registered to flickr for more than 2 years but I was addicted to flickr only last January of 2008. And because life had been so hard since 2009 started( thank God it's all over), that is why I made something for my more than a year of flickr addiction only this time.

This is my 2nd upload for the month of May and it's been more than a month that I have not visited flickr regularly because of my busy life (work, tennis class, and etc.). I don't even have photo shoots these days because I couldn't free my mind from worrying about some things. My eyes couldn't see beautiful things through my lens right now and I promise, when things fall back to its place, I will be back to my regular programming hehehehe...

No matter how busy life is, I still find time to visit flickr (watch mode nga lang)... therefore, I still consider myself as FLICKR ADDICT.

Salamat nga pala sa mga grupong tumanggap sa akin ng buong-buo at sa mga pro account sponsors ko... Maraming salamat po!

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