Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Be Flexible

everything in this world changes.
that's a fact that even before was hard for me to understand.
but at least at this point, i've willingly opened my doors to that fact.
that things sometimes don't happen the way you expect them to happen.
that life's journey isn't definite.
that there's a surprising change in route uphill.

i was raised disciplined.
everything has to be in order & planned.
i have now realized that one should be flexible.
because change is just right beside you - wanting to destroy your plans.

after i was discharged from the hospital,
i could no longer make my blog a day.
why? because of a shift.
work started to hunt me... budget time!
when i have time to loosen up,
my interest was no longer into blogging.
(not to mention i have a secret blog).
because i missed niko(my dslr),
i spent mos of my free time with him.
i've met new people who're interested in photography.
we had photo shoots.

now i'm back.
but the question's how often would i make a post?
daily? twice a week? no longer definite.
is it a choice? yes it is!
but i choose not to be certain in everything now.
i choose not to expect too much from myself & from others.
experiences of too much expectation
that led to disappointment are enough to be my teacher.

everything's changing...
be flexible.

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