Friday, January 23, 2009

Lady In Red

Got this fellow commuter beside me today. When she stepped into the PUJ, she caught the eye of everybody. She was wearing a red knitted blouse, her fingernails were painted red, her bag was red and she was wearing a lot of jewelries(ring on her fingers including the butterfly ring, bracelets, necklace & a pair of earings). She took her phone from her bag and 'twas colored red.

I told myself she must have loved red or it's her birthday. Before I stepped off the PUJ, she took a call from her mom, I guess. And my being "chismosa" came out. She even speaking in dabawenya or mandaya (The language I used in our province. I think she's just from a nearby province because we have different accent or say modulation.) She was saying thank you to her caller and told her about the lechon, the butterfly ring, the necklace with the anchor pendant. Then I was quite confident to guess that it's really her birthday.

Why is red significant during birthdays? I remembered few birthdays ago, my friends would say I should wear red. What's with the red on birthdays, anyways?

To the lady in red and to all who have celebrated their birthdays today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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