Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

Evaluating ones self is tough.
Years ago, I always ask myself,"Who am I?"
I have answers but all products of my doubt.
Everything's not clear.
Not even my hobbies & interests.
I could not pick one.
If I could, it's not permanent.
Sort of "I love to sing now but I love dancing next week."
Ano ba talaga?
Pag-sure.. :)

Now, I could see a different me.
Maybe not a total change but better than good.
Maybe not in relationships but how to handle things.

I was quite a worrier.
An introvert after losing a bestfriend.
Someone who loves to think of problems,
But not doing something about it.
I think too much...
I entertain many questions which,
Are not supposed to be asked.
Then I find myself empty.

What changed me, anyways?
It's Stephen Covey.
I am not saying he's better than God.
But he became an instrument.
Two years ago,
The company I worked for sent me & few other employees to a training.
The training was all about self-discovery & becoming effective.
The reference of the training was that guy's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People."
It has a great impact in me.
My thanks to Stephen,
To my employer, Davao Light,
And to the two ladies who facilitated, Mia & Paula.

I have misunderstood life.
The seminar let me realized that life is what we make it.
That life is a choice & not destiny.

I have also ready Stepehen's 90/10 principle.
That's what I've been trying to practice.

After the seminar, when I'm into something,
I always ask myself," Is this what I wanted?"
"Is that what I wanted my life to be?"
"Will I let problems take over me?"
"Would I allow people to ruin my life?"
I always give myself choices.

Few months ago, I challenged myself.
I asked myself what I really wanted to do apart from work.
Then I have different answers.
Is it possible if I choose not only one?
Yes, it is. My choice!
Interests vary every now and then.
Just like when I'm just home - in my room.
I have my computer connected to the internet.
Sometimes I get bored & wanted to do something different.
Then suddenly I find myself grabbing my guitar & play.
Or when I want to release tensions,
I just pull out my dart pins & hit the board.
Or when I'm tired of browsing in the internet,
I work to enhance my skills in post processing photos.
Or I invite a friend to a photo shoot.
At least I am now doing something..
Keeping myself away from boredom..
I always keep myself busy.
I have set in mind that
"An idle mind is a devil's workshop."
And that's really true.

Have a pleasant Saturday, everyone!

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