Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Despite of What Had Happened, I Still Thank God

The beginning of February was not good for me and my family. It gave us a lot of drama.

Just before February hit the calendar, January 29, 2009, Thursday, my mom, my dad and my niece traveled 7 hours to be here on my birthday which falls every 1st day of February. They planned to come early because they wanted to have their selves checked up by Friday.

When I reached home at around 9.00pm of January 29, my mom opened the door for me. Then she went back to her bed but she was just sitting. She couldn't sleep. She's having a difficulty to breathe. She told me she's just okay. But before midnight, my dad called my sister and I went out of my room telling everyone to prepare because we're bringing mom to the hospital. We made it. Mom was rescued. She was given an oxygen and tests were done. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and the doctor found out she's developed an asthma. Things became complicated. Her blood pressure and her sugar count were fluctuating. She took a lot of medicines plus the injectable ones. She's being injected with insulin every time her sugar count reaches 200 and above. I could really see mom fighting to live. I became hopeful when my sister messaged me that mom is no longer oxygen dependent. I was even afraid to stay overnight at the hospital but I really have to because no one's going to take care of her since everybody's also working. I've spent my birthday at the hospital taking care of my mom. With God's grace & mercy, mom was discharged from the hospital at the 6th day, February 5, 2009. That was Thursday.

Things have changed after days. I go home early every after office hours. I want to stay home because it's very rare that the whole family's gathered home.

Sunday morning, February 8, 2009 before 5.00am, dad and my niece with her mother hit the road going back to Baganga. Mom was left home to fully recover. I went back to sleep when my phone rang. It was my dad in his shaky voice telling me they had an accident. He asked me to go to the site. I hurriedly changed my clothes & asked my sister to accompany me. We left brother to take care of mom. I really couldn't understand the feeling. I am very much worried because we also need to keep mom calm and we're attending to victims at site.

When sister & I reached the site, I saw dad. Thank God he's okay. I looked at my niece and saw her with blood on her face & clothes. I gave her a hug while my eyes looked for her mom. I saw her mom lying at the side of the road while 911 tried to bandage her fractured arm.

Riding in a two 911 mobile we rushed them to the nearest hospital. My sister accompanied my niece & I accompanied her mom at the other mobile. Tests were made & both of them temporarily accommodated at the infirmary. Thank God both were conscious.

After buying the necessary materials & meds, I started to realize that I have conquered my fear for awhile. The shock is still here. And now, I feel sick. Amidst of what had happened, there are still things to be thankful about. I am really thankful to God because what happened to mom occured 12 hours after they arrived in the city and what happened to my dad & my niece & her mom happened within the city where there's a lot of residents who could help them. I forgot to thank those people but I asked God to send our thanks to them for the help. All happened in the city where help is there - the people, the 911, and rest of my family & friends.

Those days were hard for me and the rest of the family but thank God we all made it. I have seen all the efforts we've exerted. There was team work. I know that was very hard for dad emotionally. Because he was almost a victim of that accident. He took the courage to maneuver the car not to complicate the situation. My siblings & I also took the effort to help each other. I saw my sister's already tired. She's a nurse and she managed to be there always. She's taking care of her patients for 8 hours at the hospital where she works and the rest of her time was spent taking care of our patients(mom, my niece & her mom). God is good that He gave her the stength. I could see she's tired and I know she was also asking God the questions I asked Him, "What happened? Why this happened? From one after the other?" My heart felt pain when I saw my sister crying. I was praying she wouldn't give up. And God gave her strength. Iwould say thank you to my dad, mom, bro, sister for not giving up. Thanks to those who gave their support in prayers and to those who visited.

Those were the stressful days and thank God & Ate Ca for the break last Sunday. I had an unplanned getaway - photo shoot at Marilog, in a private rest house owned by a chinese family who had a business in the city. It's like I'm getting back my smile stolen by worries. I love the place and I feel relieved. Thanks to Mrs. King for being so kind. How I wish I could have a week stay there. Away from the crowded and polluted city.

Above all, thanks to God for being so good!

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Pretty tough lady, huh. :)

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