Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Missed Blogging

Today is the 7th day since I've had my last post in this blog. I definitely missed blogging!

Well, life has been rough to me the past days. I was hospitalized for the first time(take note: FIRST TIME)! I didn't know that only a mosquito bite could break my health record (I've never been hospialized for the 26 years of my life). I got a breakbone fever, also known as dengue fever. I could hardly remember where I've met that mosquito. It could be somewhere on my way home or somewhere in the open coffeeshop where I usually spend my freetime or when I meet some friends.

It all started with a headache in a Saturday night after a very long sleep. I took a bath to meet some friends later at night but I could no longer manage to go out because I started to feel I'm having a fever. So, I stayed (sorry guys, didn't made it to see you). The fever was still there the following morning. I stayed home the whole Sunday. I worked on Monday because I thought I'm okay. The fever just disappeared. I finished my day at a friend's house. On Tuesday, I was at work but I kept taking breaks and stayed at the stock room because I feel very cold. Then got fever again the Tuesday night. On Wednesday, I took a leave from work and went to the doctor. No fever at all. I've had my first platelet count because my sister suspected it's the symptom (on & off fever) for dengue fever. My platelet count was 122 which was below normal (normal is 140-440). I went back to work on Thursday morning, went to the clinic for another platelet count and platelet went down to 95. My doctor said it's not yet threatening but my sister and my friends were worried and they were telling me to go to the hospital. I left work early. My sister brought me to the hospital.

Thursday afternoon, at the hospital, I got another platelet count which was 116 (rising from 95) at the ER. Got my first bag of D5NSS dextrose. The needle was big! I was scared, really! Then I was wheeled to my room. I was needled 3 times for the dextrose. They were looking for a perfect IV site. Fortunately, the third one works. I have encountered a lot of needles. Aside from that of IV site search, med techs visited me every 6 hours. They inserted a needle to my vein extracting a small amount of blood for platelet count (I remebered the least was 61).

Much for that. What's important is am doing well now though the wounds are still hurting.

I would like to thank those people who remembered me during those times - to those who went to visit me, to those who extended their support during the medication process, to those who sent me text messages, to those who called, and to those who talked to me through YM. I felt so loved & blessed for having these people. My special thanks to my sister & Lorgie for staying with me at the hospital from the day I was admitted until the day I was discharged. Thank you very much!

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