Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Killing is Against the Law of God...Is it in this World?

7.17 - Punch-in time.

I was on my way home in the wee hour of this morning when something caught my attention. People running from there to here, along the street making a crowd. I was a bit curious what was there and kay chismax man, nakahibalo ra gyud. A mutlicab driver was shot dead.

What's happening in this city? I have heard about those mysterious killers. Is there any gain in their part after they kill someone? Do they have a God?

I've known this city as the safest city. I have always been proud that I live in this city. When I was in another place, somewhere in Visayas, I could hardly find myself outside after 10:00PM. It's because of the rumors scattered that there are lots of hoodlums strolling around the city at night.

Davao is the safest city I know and I am proud to be a Dabawenyo. But what's happening now? Someone's shot here, someone's shot there with unidentified gunmen. Let me ask. Are those killed really guilty of doing something that they have to suffer that way? I believe some of them are innocent. They're just being suspected but they really are innocent. Kawawang inosente, nagbabayad sa kasalanang di naman niya ginagawa and to think that killing is against God's Law. I am not just sure if it is in this world.

Now, is it safe for me and for others to stay outside during the night? Am I sure I could go home safe? What if they'd kill me na inosente naman ako? May madagdag ba sa pagkatao nila? Magkakaroon ba sila ng kapangyarihan?

What I know is that only God has the right to sentence someone's life. Everybody deserves chances. If God gave chances, why can't we give chances to our fellowmen?

May God forgive them....

Have a great & peaceful day, everyone!

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