Monday, November 3, 2008

Bad Dreams

I'm early today! 7:06AM, I'm in!

I've been having bad dreams since yesterday. Not that I saw scary people in my dreams but all of ém aren't good. They're not nightmares though.

I dreamt that I was a warrior in the middle of a war. A war that's very much similar to the war in the Chronicles of Narnia. I've dreamt about it before and I survived in that war. But last Saturday, I wasn't able to find out if I have survived from that war. My mom woke me up because it's already 9:00AM.

I slept late last night because I was bothered about something. I've slept past 12:00AM but it was a sleep that was not good. I had an insomnia between sleep. I've had different dreams. Again, not scary but something I'm afraid of. I was talking to people I no longer want to talk to. Bakit ganun?

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