Saturday, November 22, 2008


When I woke up early this morning, the first things that my eyes saw were the sheets of paper clipped together, hanging in one side of my computer rack. I tried to scan them and they were the collection of articles and poems I've been looking for months ago....

While I went through with the articles, a newspaper cutout caught my attention. There's a poem written that says:

if i can fill your eyes with pleasure just by holding
if i can make you feel happy just by the things i do..
if i can fufill your dreams and make your wishes come
if i can give you the world that i would do..
if i can make you laugh by just being there..
if i can make your feel complete knowing that i care..
if i can make you feel special just by the love i could
if i can protect you from all hurts all the pain i will
if i can make you feel assured knowing you have my
if i can make you feel fulfilled knowing you have my
if i can make you feel secure we won't ever part..
that i would do straight from my heart...
if i can give you everything you need and make you feel
if i can give you eternity i'd do that herculean feat..
if i can give you everything you need..
i'd do that for you - - - then i'd feel complete...
This was one of the poems I collected, written by a student of UAP, Cherrie Chua...
Ala lang... just shared it coz ... ala lang ... hehehehe...
ingats kayo... medyo nakaluwag lang ng konti...
have a great weekend....

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