Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Feel Safe When I'm in Uniform

i was in a puj passing by the other building of the company where i currently work when a big truck came. honk! honk! it was a company's truck. the people inside - they recognized me. but i don't know their names. we recognized each other as employees of same company. we recognized the spiti of being a kaibigan.

kaibigan - it is how we call every regular employee in the company where i currently work. every employee under probation should undergo the kaibigan team building program. it is a program where one could build trust with the other. there are a lot of activities - the rope course, a trust fall, and other activities that could develop teamwork and bond among strangers.

i feel safe when i'm in uniform because my kaibigans could recognize me. at least my face and the uniform. we recognize each other... i am not afraid to walk alone somewhere in the city (in uniform) because kaibigans are everywhere - inside the workplace or anywhere around the city.

i used to be uncomfortable with my uniform but i realized that one reason i should be proud to wear it is that, it gives me security.

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