Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Feel Good

am in at 7:06AM (same as yesterday).

i feel good right now. i hope it's a good start and will last 'till midnight. lol.

despite that i get insomnia between my sleeps, i still managed to wake up early and brought myself to where i am now. well, woke up early because my parents left for the province early.

what else should i say? ehehehe...

hmmm... my night wasn't good. i felt a bit bored with my routine... a bit bored with the internet... i don't know. i didn't find it colorful. why(here's this question again)? well, i don't really know. what i did was playing poker in my facebook. that was all night until my eyes shut. then, every hour or two, i woke up trying to sleep again. gibali-bali na nako akong position. akong ulo naa na sa tiilan while akong tiil naa na sa ulohan nako... bwahahaha... i guess i must really be bothered about something... hay naku!

pero i feel good right now. i just brought a coffee with me para naa ko pang pares sa katulgon... hehehe... i just hope today will be a very very busy day para malingaw ko ug ayo... hehehehe...

start your day right, everyone!

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