Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When People Talk Behind Your Back, Don't Mind Them

I went to the mall after work today to do myself a favor and while I was in a queue at an ATM, I noticed the shirt's back print of the guy infront of me. It says," Don't mind the people talking behind your back. It simply means you're two steps ahead."

And you know why it caught my attention? Because it's really something that says a lot about boosting up your self-confidence. It's not about bragging but it's about getting out of the shell.

I admit I'm someone who's a low self-esteem especially when somebody talks behind my back. Just a few months ago, I have learned that someone's been talking behind my back and what pains me most is that, the person's a friend. It really tore me apart and things were coming out from my mind. It was really disheartening.

I am still in the process of regaining my strength and re-boosting the confidence I have once lost. And I do hope I would no longer mind those people who'd be happy talking behind someone's back.

How about you? How would you feel if you trust someone not knowing what you've shared will be used against you? Would it be better to live with an CIA's trust no one?

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