Thursday, July 24, 2008

33/365 : Umbrella...ella..eeee...eeee...ella ;)

Day 33.

It's the 3rd night of touring a friend who's from Visayas. We toured her in Kanto Bar, Matina Town Square after the Kebab dinner. Along with me were friends from a sister company. We had a drink and one ordered a screw driver cocktail. It was raining hard outside. I asked her this little umbrella and made fun of it. That's it. ;)


pob's said...

hehehe... naalala ko bigla ung inaanak ko na kinder. we were teaching him words that begin with the letter U (with matching illustrations pa). when i showed him a picture of an umbrella, he enthusiastically said, "eettss an umbrella.. ella.. ella.. eee.. ee.."

hehe. tawanan kami lahat ;)

elle said...

awww...the umbrella! where's it now? where's my pic with the ella?hehehehe!

acubepixel said...

i guess that umbrella's with jen. kawawa naman baka mabasa ahihihihhi... i will post your picture later ... with that umbrella... ;)

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