Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I was a bit busy the few nights, was also confused whether to go for a vacation, or get myself a dSLR. I have asked opinions from friends, and the last person I asked was my mom. Last week, I talked to her, I told her I'd be visiting her aunts and other relatives in Bohol. She's okay with the thought. Yesterday, I told her that I've changed my mind and I told her what made me decide. She's happy to hear that I'd begoing home next month. I hope she already gave the idea to my dad.

I will be having my 2nd baby this Sunday - a dSLR. I asked my friend from Cebu to buy it for me at a Flickr friend's store. And another friend would hand it to me on Sunday.

I didn't know how photography became an interest. It was just a surprise! Few years back, I was inlove with graphics just like playing with pictures. And now, I wanted to take pictures on my own. I had been a member of Flickr with different names. Just when the year started, I decided to use only one name and that was acubepixel . But recently, I changed my name to dabawenya.

Just this afternoon, my friend messaged me that he already have my dSLR with him. Yay! Am so excited!

Expect for a new blog! I will be launching my photoblog when I get my dSLR.

But for now, I gotta go to sleep. heheheheh.... Goodnight!

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