Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacation or dSLR?

I am now in a state of choosing between having a vacation or having something I've always wanted to have.
I will be having a 9-days vacation leave next month. In the past days, I have thought about spending few days of my vacation leave in some beaches of Cebu & Bohol. In the other hand, my interest & passion for photography gave me the idea of buying a dSLR. Here comes confusion. I had been thinking about it yesterday and until now. I only have few days left to decide.
What I was thinking is that, if I just stay here during the 9-days leave, I could always find something online. Perhaps an opportunity to write reviews about something, or find a data entry task. I could also do that while on vacation, that is if my destination is a wi-fi hotspot. I could always bring my eepc with me. The thing is, if I go on vacation, I have to forget about having a dSLR. But if I get myself a dSLR, I could go on with my next year's planned vacation with the dSLR.
My decision's closer to having that dSLR. And I'm looking to where I could possible get one. I know one day, I would be confused again. Man! Hmmm... Just gimme a little time.... LOL! Confused really....


Aracir said...

wow lisod ni ah. kung c sir james cguro pahuna-hunaon, unahon cguro niya ang dslr...


acubepixel said...

hey julien! Nice to hear from you! I have already talked to james. :) how are you doin'? Long time no see ha... :)

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