Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Failed to Save Life Today

Dalight held a mass blood donation activity this morning. This activity is like a "Save Life, Donate Blood" program.

I have never donated a blood before because it scares me a lot to see blood flowing or even when someone takes a blood sample from a patient.

Just around 9:00AM today, I've decided to challenge myself to make a difference - that is to save life by donating a blood. I filled-up the form, offered my ring finger for blood typing. When my form was evaluated, I was disappointed because I did not qualify as blood donor. My period ended only yesterday. And that is the reason why I failed to donate blood today, which means I failed to save life - I failed in this challenge.

Despite the failure, I'm still thankful that I took the challenge because I have discovered and known that I have a type B blood flowing in my veins.


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