Wednesday, July 9, 2008

20/365 : Dinner Substitute

Day 20.


Since I froze my Metrolifestyle account later of May because of a busy schedule, I started having corn flakes cereals as my substitute for dinner. Why? It's because we should have a light meal during dinner. I have read from an article that light meal for dinner is good because at night, when we're in our sleep, all the organs should rest including stomach and intestines.

Most of us eat cereals for breakfast but this time, I made it a reverse. I eat heavy meal for breakfast since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, my food for lunch depends on what I wanted to eat enough to eliminate hunger and I take cereal for dinner. Of course my rice is limited to only a cup if I wanted to eat rice.

This is my idea and I am to figure out if I could lose few pounds before I go back to the gym. I hope so. If it doesn't work, I'd still go on with the cereal thing because I feel comfortable to sleep with a light stomach... hehehehe...

I will be giving you infos in my next entry why we should eat less for dinner.

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