Thursday, July 10, 2008

Much Better Than Yesterday

Wow! Today's much better than yesterday. I arrived here at my workplace at around 7:20AM. Very early, sin't it? Well, it's very much obvious because I still have time to write this draft. I think the internet connection's down so I have to write this draft.
Well, I have slept earlier than 12:00AM. Better than the other night, right? So, I guess today would be better than yesterday. I'm almost done with my to do list. Got 3 on the go which can't be done in just a day, all budget related. Am having 2 trainees today just to let them understand the whole budget thing. Yeah, it's very much complicated because it's a budget until 2014. I hope I could let them try sometime. I need it done by Monday. I'd be off from work by Saturday but I will be working at home. Yes, that's passion. Hehehehe... 2 to dos due on Monday, and the other one's due before my 9-days leave in August. Wow, 9-days leave! Yeah, it's a problem really. how I wish I could just easily add it to my next year's 15-days vacation or even convert it to cash. What am I gonna do with that 9-days vacation anyway? Any suggestions? Hahahaha... I still don't have the spirit to visit places farther than the island of Visayas alone. Well, I hope I'd be convinced. I love to travel alone, anyways.
Hey, got to end this now. It's almost 8:00AM. Have to prepare myself for work. Cheers!

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