Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eat Very Less or Even Don't Eat for Dinner

Here's an article from which answers the question why we need to eat less for dinner."

Why should we eat very less or even don't eat for dinner?

There are the following reasons:

1. Our metabolism starts to speed up from 4am in the morning, getting to the highest point at 4pm in the afternoon. So we should eat breakfast and lunch. But our metoblism begins to slow down from 4pm until 4am next morning. So most foods we eat at dinner are changed into fat in our body.

2. When food is taken into our body, the blood will concentrate on the digestive system while other organs such as heart,brain,lung,kidney and muscles will be in the status of blood shortage. That's the reason why there always heart attacks happened during sleeping at night after the patients eat much food at dinner.

3. Our body tells us that we should engage in activities in day times while rest at night. All the organs should rest including stomach and intestines at night.

4. When we are hungry,our body will be in most activity status to swallow and chew cells. And the quantities of swallowed cells will be the biggest when our body takes enough protein and food fibers. If we only eat broth(in which there are lots of easy-absorbed protein) and drink fruit juice( in which there are lots of edible fibers), then we may still feel hungry but this will help to swallow metamorphic necrotic tissue in our body.

5. Only when we are hungry, our liver,pancreas,stomach and intestines will secret digestive fluid and discharge toxin from our body. If whenever we feel hungry we'll eat,and the toxic digestive fluid will retake by our body. We should let ourselves be hungry at day times, so we only let us be hungry at night. Thus the toxic digestive fluid will be absorbed by the food fibers in the intestine and excrete with faeces.

6. Children's growth depends on pituitary secreting growth hormone. Only when children are in deep sleep, produce large quantities of growth hormone. If children eat too much at night,the blood will concentrate on the digestive system while the pituitary will be in the status of blood shortage. So there are no big quantity of growth hormone produced,and children won't growth well.

7. If the students eat too much dinner,the digestive system will continue to work and the brain will continue to dream. Thus they won't get enough sleep.

8. Muscles will maintain good strength in good blood circulation. If we eat too much at night, the blood will concentrate on the digestive system. But our muscles will be in the status of blood shortage. The lactic acid of muscle cannot be metabolized completely and so the muscles cannot recover from fatigue.

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