Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sleep, Where are You?

It's almost 1:00AM. Where are you, sleep?

I don't know what's going on. Sleep is nowhere to find. I'm still alive and doesn't even have the desire to sleep. Am I a monster? Whew, I hope not ehehehehe...

Just a few hours ago, I've had my first online Photoshop Class. Hahaha.. A friend asked me to teach him the basics of Photoshop. Since I'm an experienced Photoshop user, I gave my best to help. I hope he learned something. It's so hard to teach photo editing online. I tried my best though. We're not yet done. Next session will be when he'll catch me online again hehehe...

I've finished my milk an hour ago. I thought it'll help me. But man, I'm still awake! I hope I could have flexible time at work. Dugh... How I wish then I'm at the province - no internet at home, no night life, and there's no other choice but to sleep early.

What I'm doing now? Well, here blogging and browsing my flickr photostream . In a few minutes, I will be having my 2nd attempt to sleep. I hope it works this time. Bye people. Good Morning!

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