Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paalam, Kaibigan!

Kaibigan is how we call anyone in our Dalight Team. Our boss, Sir Al, who passed away last month is a Kaibigan.

Just this afternoon, the other Kaibigans and I bade our last goodbye to Sir Al. We held a special mass for Sir Al's 40th day since his death. The mass started at around 4:00PM and the parking area in Rondez was filled with Kaibigans. We have important visitors like Sir Al's sister and we also have his bestfriend.

The mass was perfect - a simple but beautiful altar, the choir of angels, the flower arrangements, the cooperation of the executives, the cooperation of all the Kaibigans.... it's a very well done mass for our dearest Kaibigan, Sir Al.

After the mass, we had the balloon ceremony. While we sang Sir Al's favorite song, the Kaibigans released the balloons as a remembrance and a goodbye.

Sir, we now bid you goodbye. May God the Father guide you to His paradise. Though your presence will no longer be seen, you will always remain in our hearts. Today is your 40th day, the day you will leave this world and have a new journey with God.


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