Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For My Wonderful Boss, Sir AYA

I was at an outreach one day when somebody broke the very sad news,"Sir AYA's dead." I just paused for a while praying & hoping it's not true. I did not believe what I've heard until I received a text message from an officemate the following day that Sir AYA's death has been spread in local newspapers. I was on travel that day. I cried in silence while I was on my way to my hometown. It pains me a lot to think that I could never see him again.

The last time I saw him is still clear to me. He visited the customer service area as a very simple man wearing a polo shirt, a denim and a slipper. He was still observing and looking what improvement could be done in the area.

It's almost a year since he took his sabbatical leave. We were so excited for his coming back which is supposed to be in July. The excitement turned into sadness when we heard that he already passed away.

Sir AYA is a good leader, an excellent motivator, a people-oriented boss, a kind friend and the person who is always open to help his fellowmen.

I may have not spent a single minute with him as an individual unlike the other Kaibigans who have really shared moments with him but I have been with him many times as a part of the Dalight Family. And through the experiences of my Kaibigans with him, I've come to know how he is as a person.

There was once during a discussion in one of the PQL(Principles for Quality Living) Sessions in my batch, a Kaibigan shared his experience with Sir AYA helping him when one of his family member was hospitalized. It manifests his concern not only for his people but also for his people's loved ones.

The whole Dalight Family was in grief and even until now. We missed our boss, Sir AYA.

" Sir, wherever you are right now, in behalf of the Dalight Family, I thank you for being such a wonderful person. In so many ways, you have touched our lives & showed us your kindness. Thank you for being such a wonderful BOSS. We deeply love you. You will always be remembered as a part of the life of each and everyone of us. May the Lord God shower you with happiness and bring you to His paradise. We already miss you."

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