Sunday, June 15, 2008


I woke up late today and I remembered it's Father's Day. I sent a greeting to my Pop via sms. Why? Pop is not here. He's 7-hours away from us, his children. Yah, that's a sad thing but I know he's happy there because Mom & my niece are there with him plus the fresh air, which made them decide to just stay there. Pa, this goes out to you, from me :

"Pa, thanks for everything. I wouldn't have been the person I am now, disciplined, determined, and a person with principle if not because of you and Mama. I know that the ways you've had to discipline us were far too much than what others have experienced, but we're still very thankful for that. We might have not understood that before because we're still too young to understand but now, we have realized that what you did were truly to make us a better person. We might have felt anger deep inside, or cried visibly or in silence, but that was just a long time ago and after realizing that we've become a better person because of that, those feeling of anger just disappeared just like those bubbles blown by the wind until they're out of sight.

Pa, thank you very much for everything. You've been so kind and understanding. I love you very much. We all love you & Mama."


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