Monday, June 23, 2008


My day's just like the usual and ordinary day. The only thing that's unusual is that I woke up very early so that I won't get caught by Monday's heavy traffic on my way to work. Oh yeah, home-work-home except that I and 2 of my team mates went to the mall to buy a gift for a friend's baby shower. That's it.

Most of my day's spent at the office. First thing in the morning, I made work orders, then while in that state, I was worried about the budget review which, was on going, hoping and praying my boss could defend the department's revised budget I prepared. Until I finished gathering work orders, worries are still in my veins... lots of things to do on the list. Did them one by one.. from assigning work orders to preparing operational advances for my boss to answering phone calls to making a rush PR for our 3-months supply of office needs to etc....

Checked! All done... whew!

At almost 4PM, I joined the practice for Sir AYA's 40th day (death) which is on June 25,2008. I was luckily chosen to be one of the songbirds. Thanks to Sir Dave for that.

Now, I am empty. My IrDA's not functioning. How can I upload my 4/365 photo for the Project 365? I tried to download David Cook's "Realize," it's infected with virus - good thing my antivirus have quarantined it already. Now what? I'm here infront of my computer with my lights off, empty, blogging about my day. Yah right, that's how my day was.
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