Thursday, June 19, 2008

365 Day Project

Last night was the 2nd night that I'm away from cyberworld. I did my best shot last night to get the things my brother needed to repair my PC monitor but it wasn't really meant to be fixed. The soldering iron I bought was not in its mood to function. So I have to go back to the supplier later this afternoon to have it replaced. I could have started the 365 days project.

What's Project 365? I had been a flickr member years ago but I had been addicted to it since the year started and oh, yesterday, I was into scanning the newspaper at the office during my lunchbreak and the flickr poll Project 365 caught my eye and I have thought about joining it.

Project 365 is a project for everyone who's very much addicted to taking pictures. You have to post pictures to highlight your daily event. Any pictures. It might be a self-portrait or anything. I wish I could start my project sooner when my PC monitor is already fixed.

I am very much excited to start the project... Btw, here's my flickr account. And here's the Project 365 group.


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