Friday, June 6, 2008

Flooded Inside Out

I was home late last night not because I worked overtime but it's because of the flooded Ponciano area. Actually, I was not alone. Most of us were stuck inside the office.

The heavy rain started pouring at around 3pm yesterday. At almost 4, the compound was already flooded including the whole Ponciano area. At around 4pm, water started to fill the floors of the Customer Service area. We don't have a choice but to leave the area and stay at the 2nd floor. Everybody could not get out because the water level outside is on the knee level. Of course, those who're brave to soak their feet in the water left the office... I don't know what happened to them outside. What I've heard is the whole Ponciano's flooded which caused traffic in the area. For the first time it happened since I started to work in Dalight.

We stayed until the flood was totally gone. We left the office at around past 9pm which means, we were trapped for 4 hours doing nothing. We could not do office works too because our computers were disconnected from the network and from the outlets to avoid electrical accidents.

Take a look at the pictures.

My workplace.

Customer's Waiting Area

Officemates avoiding contact with the water for safety reasons.

Ponciano Area.

The compound (outside the office).

Guard on his bare feet trying to make a way so that we can reach the 2nd floor.

Customers trapped.

Where we could exit.

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zam said...

It seems that the effect of Global Warming is really eminent nowadays. We experience unpredictable rains and typhoons compared 10-15 years ago. I hope it's not too late to make a change and do something for our environment.

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