Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Signed Up for PayPerPost

I applied for an internet connection just last year. I have just thought about internet surfing and joining networks of friends. I never had idea about making money online.

When one day, a friend told me about payperpost. She said there's a lot of money online and payperpost is one of the sites that pays a lot to bloggers. So, I asked her to tell me more about making money online and about payperpost .

A few days later, I took the courage to make a blogsite. I tried to submit my blog to payperpost for the first time but it was disapproved. It's because I still need to let this blog exist for 3 months and keep it updated.

When I'm already confident enough about giving it another try, to my surprise, payperpost accepted this blog! I was very happy. And I could now start a new career. Thanks to payperpost.

What I like about payperpost is that they are good payers. You blog, and you get paid. You just have to update your blog every once in a while. Easy, isn't it?

I submitted my blog to payperpost because I have heard so many good things about them already. Most of my friends who tried blogging for payperpost already received their pay. Here I am wanting to blog and get paid. I wanted to have additional income for my future plans. And I think, with payperpost, it's possible.

That's it! With payperpost, its just like ... you blog, and get paid! Wanna try it?

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