Monday, September 29, 2008

Looking Forward to a Very Great Week

Uhmmm.. Well, I'm having a great day! I've had a stressful week last week. Maybe because I've never put my eyes to rest that well. As always, I sleep late than a normal person. I work for the whole day, six times every other week. When I reach home, I usually go directly to my little room forgetting dinner, wash, change clothes, simultaneously turn my pc and eepc on, whenever I feel the presence of sleep visiting me, I sometimes fight sleep just to complete my routine of visitng few sites - friendster, multiply, flickr, photoworldcup, facebook and other activities like photo processing... I am not really a sleep junkie. My eyes could survive to be awake for almost 24 hours or more but my body can't.

Lately, I have experienced eye pain. Maybe because I have stopped wearing my contact lens or my glasses. That added the stress I've had last week. I easily get tired and I have observed I'm already in bed at 11PM. Now, am wearing them back but not all the time. Life started to run smoothly as of yesterday morning. I woke up late at around 11AM. Yeah, of course because I slept late last Saturday. I had a YM conference with my flickr groupies and it lasted at almost 2AM of Sunday.

My Sunday was great! I was a bit pressured trying to finish my online task given by but the pressure was tolerable.

I woke up this early morning. Yehey, earlier than my alarm! Of course, I arrived at my office desk as early as 7:15AM.

I'm having a great day! I have already thought about a great week. 2 days work, then holiday break(Eid'l Fitr), then 2 days back to work and then 2-day break from work! Yuhooo....

My 'Kada Opisina' is planning to go somewhere in Tawan-Tawan this Holiday Break. I'm so excited because I always heart to go to places away from the busy city if I could. The plan's first stop is at my ka-opisina's farm and the next stop will be at the Philippine Eagle. Hmmm... been looking forward to be back to that spot. My last visit was 10 years ago, I might say. Hopefully, I could see changes there.

I'm looking forward to a very great week!

Dah.... can't wait! So, excited!

I'll blog about it, don't cha worry!

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