Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Early Tuesday Morning

Uhhmmmm... 7:18AM ... punch-in! Whooops... It's been months that I came that early for work. parang competition, ano! Bwahehehe...

You might wonder am starting to speak Tagalog... Kala nyo nauubusan na ako ng english ano? Bwahehehe... Well, starting today, I will speak Tag-Lish, or Bis-Tag-Lish. I delcare this blog a free blog! Free to use any languuage or dialect I know. Walay but-anay! Hakhakhak...

I am so excited! Tomorrow's going to be a great day! Well, today is... lunch time is lechon time! It's gonna be a party time company wide! SVP AMM is giving away lechons as a prize of beating zero harm for 2 months! Naku! Busog nanaman mamaya!

Tomorrow's a new day, and it's gonna be a great day! Time for adventure! Yehey! As what I've said, I'll blog about it! Bwahehehe...

Have a great day, everyone!

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