Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Early Tuesday Journal

7.13AM and I'm alreaday at my table listing down my to dos according to priorities. I have to make this day a busy day so that I wouldn't be bored. Flickr's already blocked and it's only Flickr fills every idle moments I have. So, what am I gonna do today? I have 3 on the list and yes, according to priorities... It's only 3 but each eats a lot of time. I have done my report on operational expense variance and I will be doing the capital expense variance today... I will finish it before lunch hopefully... then I will go back to my daily task... - the hatest task I have had when I started to work for this company but I have learned to love it since I have already mastered on how to avoid errors... how many customers will be coming tomorrow to settle things out with us? hmmm.... 10? 15? 20? oh okay I hope I will be kind today.... then I will be doing another report. Tomorrow's the 10th day of the month and reports should be sent to the boss! Oh, I hope I could finish everything before the clock strikes 5:00PM. I still have personal errands to do after work...

Have a Nice Day, everyone!

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