Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Missed Kobi

Yesterday, I was invited by a friend who loves dogs and photography together with another friend to a dog competition. It was the 2nd National Canine Competition. And because I love taking pictures, I took the opportunity.

So we went there. I enjoyed in watching the competition and same time, I took some pictures. You might want to see some of the pictures, please visit Dabawenya's Flickr.

While I was taking pictures, I saw Primo. He reminds me a lot of Kobi, my Japanese Spitz - Poodle breed dog who died last year. He looks like Primo. The only difference is that Kobi's a black-haired doggie.

I missed Kobi. I missed how he welcomes me when I'm already near the gate from work. He wags his tail and jumps as if he's very happy to see me. I hope he's now in the arms of the Father.

Kobi, I missed you.

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