Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creative Exchange 2009

Ms. Leah Valle, the event organizer of this Creative Exchange 2009 invited different people - photographers, bloggers, businessmen and etc. to be there. As a newbie in the world of photography, I went there to take the opportunity to shoot in events like this.

Creative Exchange 2009

And so, I was there, the night of September 27,2008. The show was a success of this young organizer despite the rain(well, rains are considered blessings ;)). I had fun with my friend. We left so soon because my friend had an urgent call.

Creative Exchange 2009

It's nice to be at the events like this one to people who loves to take shots like me. I am a hobbyist and a newbie in photography.

To see more pictures during the event, you may visit Dabawenya's Photoblog. Thanks!

Thanks to Ms. Leah Valle.


13th witch said...

thank you girl, we are happy you were able to come, there will be other extreme/one of a kind event to come and i will always invite you ^.^

thanks for coming ^.^

acubepixel said...

looking forward to it, Ms. Leah. It will always be my pleasure to be invited as I need to expose myself with such events. I need to experience different things as I am into photography. Thanks once again. ;)

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