Sunday, August 31, 2008

Places I Love (Past & Present)

I’m sure every one of us has places we always wanted to call favorites. I also have mine. And I have always kept those places in mind because they’ve been a part of my life. I visit places harmonizing them to my mood. Here’s a list of places that I go to:

1)HOME. As they say, there’s no place like home. Yes, my hometown is always the first place that I could think about when I really want a total rest. Total means, I don’t have to think of anything. I don’t have to think of where to go while in my hometown because for me, even if I just stay home, I could really relax. I could always be the old me. I don’t have to think about fishing a penny or two in my wallet. Life is so simple there comparing it to the city. In busy cities, you can’t go somewhere without spending a peso or a hundred. In my hometown, when I feel like going to the beach, I could just use my feet or if I want a white sand beach, I could only spend P20. I love my hometown… I really do. I go home twice or thrice a year to recharge the energies I’ve used to make a life here in the city.

2) COFFEE SHOPS. Coffee shops are rampant in the city where I am into right now. I love to hangout with friends in coffee shops since I am not really into boozing. Or when I want to be alone and write about something, I just settle myself in a coffee shop’s couch and put my favorite MP3 on and then type. Or when I discuss a project with an officemate, a coffee shop is always the place that comes out quickly from mind.

3) MEMORIAL PARK. When I was in college and even years after college, when I feel like crying and have a preoccupied mind, I used to stay at my grandparents’ grave. There, I sobbed and talked to them like crazy. It’s a place where I could do some reflections, too. It seemed to be a good place for me because nobody could see me crying so hard except those workers. They don’t know me anyway. I don’t know if I have ever cried in front of someone.

4) CHURCH. After years of spending some time in the cemetery for meditation, I have found a church where I could feel more comfortable, and I love staying there. And from then on, every time I need guidance from Him, I just go to that place.

5) CEBU. Last year was my first trip outside the city for a vacation. It was in Cebu. It was then that I have discovered that Cebu is a city rich in beaches. I have visited one of its beautiful paradises, the Bantayan Island. It’s a perfect place to relax. Nobody familiar, days in a beach, skim board, talk to new faces, fresh air, white sand, fresh foods, hmmm… really a nice place to loosen up.

6) IGACOS. Island Garden City of Samal is the place where I go if I want to go to a beach and swim. It’s the place where most people from Davao City go on weekends. Lots of beach! And there’s this beach where I always wanted to go again and again with my friends. It’s not so crowded and the water is very clear in all tides. It’s far though but yeah, it’s perfect!

7) MY CHAMBER. There’s this one place where I spend most of my time when I’m just home, here in the city – my chamber. I have lots of memories in this place. My room became my best friend. I have spent the moments of ups & downs here. My room is my home inside a home. I could stay all day here. I never get bored staying here. I remembered a sister’s friend saying she likes my room. Small it is but you could find lots of stuffs..comfy pillows, computer with internet, telephone, acoustic guitar, dart board, CDs & DVDs, books, my babies susa & niko, a huge component speaker connected to my computer…and etc. Only a few and not classy stuffs but enough for me. I forgot to mention my bed hehehehe.. it’s because I’m not a sleep junkie.

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